Early start and a good deed

As I mentioned in previous post today, I was awake early before my time, so I got up.

After breakfast, I walked into town for shopping, in preparation for Sunday dinner for me and a friend. Calling in Asda before 8am meant I had beaten any sign of the big mad rush of other people shopping and I got what I required in 20 minutes. Or so I thought, because as soon as I walked over the car park, I realised I forgotten the veg. But never mind I thought, as on a positive note I thought, I will walk back down and shop elsewhere for my veg, enjoying the morning walk.
On walking home with this shopping, I passed the Chernobyl charity shop and the lady who runs this shop was putting out the bins. I said morning and asked if she’d like a large bean bag. She said yes and on coming back into town, I dropped it off at the shop as promised. Now for some reading this, it may have come as a surprise that I gave it away, because in an earlier blog post some time ago, I talked about not wanting to part with it for free, after trying to sell it. But since then, I have had the urge to give it away and if I was going to, then this shop came to mind, because of the appreciation shown in the past of donations I have dropped off there.

I feel good and lifted for giving away something that I feel was part clutter for me and also for helping this charity shop at the same time, as they can get some money out of it.

A little downsizing and attempted saving

So as I talked about in “Chit-chat June, with a bit of frugal living,” I did a little bit of clearing; selling my unused/unloved Casio keyboard and the cat carrier that is not likely to get used anymore, which I said why in a past post, so not repeating here.
My bookcase I was originally going to sell, I was told of a charity that may have my large dining table I was giving away for free. So after looking them up, as I have never heard of them before, I emailed them and shared them my links to the adverts I had going for both of these items and they were happy to have them. So these will be collected by this charity next week and I have removed the ads. Although I was selling my bookcase originally, I was happy for the charity to have it, if they wanted the table, so it would be worth them collecting.
I have ordered a smaller white table with drop down sides, from a local shop. Although smaller, it will do me ok. Even for study!
Although books taken off my bookcase have nowhere to go, I am determined that I will work this out, whether now, or later when I move one day. They are in bags, but I have put them in a way that I know where a particular book is. When read, they will be one, or two books I will probably no longer need, so you never know, I may do a book giveaway again, for a chance of a lovely reader who may like it. But I’m not promising anything.
Doing this little downsizing by giving away the two furniture items and having a much smaller table in place, (that will fit through my door on moving day,) will help to give space that I may possibly need, when I find the right one-bed property.

The attempted saving

I saved on quite a bit of money, by having a second attempt at cutting back the over growing Buddleia from a neighbour’s yard and my over growing ivy. I made the second attempt one evening, where I hoped the pollen count would be lower than in the day. But with how the weather had been, I doubt the pollen count was low and it was still warm outside. But I got it done in the end and suffered with the effects of the hay fever for the next hour. My asthma, although aggravated, I thankfully did not need my inhaler.

Now the bit where I mention attempted saving.
I have saved some, but not all of it as I would liked. I had to rely on dipping into it, because of the disabled bus pass I lost. I have walked home some nights from work as you know already and god, I knew about it the second night walking home this week and the following morning.
I obviously bus it down to work, but there is also some days I will have to bus there and back till I receive my replacement, because of other things going off.
Also with something else going off, that I needed to get info on, to make sure it was happening when I was told and other info, meant I had to pay, to eat out. But in the end, I am just not worrying about it. There has been other important stuff going on, that just gives me the fuck it attitude. In the end, I have still saved and with the frugal spending I have each week and knowing I have saved more than I expected there… well, I’m not going to tick myself off.

Minimal Living and Frugal Living

Minimal living is how I like to live, although my home is not minimal as some homes, it is minimal enough for me. I like how I have my home and I look forward to being more minimal later down the line, as well as changing a few things when the time is right.

Do you do minimal living?

Do you blog about minimal living? If you do, please feel free to share your blog link in this post, so I can read about your minimal living.

Frugal living I have always been interested in and I probably do a little bit already without realising.
I have lots to learn on this topic and I find it interesting. I have recently followed a couple of blogs on this topic and although I won’t plan to full go frugal living, I will use some of the ideas.

Do you do frugal living?

Do you have a blog about frugal living? If so, please feel free to share your blog link in this post, so I can read about your frugal living.