Bloody technology

I not long posted here saying how it Seems to have fixed the issue after a recent update on my Huawei P Smart phone, but I seemed to have once again spoke so soon. A few minutes from airing post and I have lost connection from the WiFi. Trying to log back in and same issues as before. So what can I say? Was it fixed, or is it the WiFi I am using, that’s having the issue? I give up with this WiFi, as not stressing. 😀 I just wanted to leave you an update.

Seems to have fixed the issue after a recent update on my Huawei P Smart phone

A couple of days ago, I received an update for my Huawei P Smart  mobile phone and today, I tried accessing the only WiFi I knew I could not access since having this phone. It seems to have worked, as I am now writing this post while using the WiFi.
Customer service at Huawei did tell me in their last email, to give them time and they would work on it. I have logged out and back in on the WiFi to check it wasn’t a one-off just being able to log in, like when I downloaded Firefox browser and I was able to log back in on the WiFi. So if you are having same issues and have not updated the system on your phone, I totally recommend you do it and you should hopefully find like me, that the WiFi issue has been fixed.

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Huawei P smart phone issue update – Problem Solved

This is a post update on the Huawei P smart phone issue I had, which has now been solved. To see what the issue was about, this post will help: Can a reader of my blog help, with a mobile technology question?

The solution to the problem

The solution to the problem was a simple one. That simple, that when I was told if this in an email by Huawei, I did not think it would work. But it has thankfully and this post I have written while using WiFi that I could not connect to before, to write this post.

Download the Firefox browser, from the Google Play Store.

When using the Firefox browser, the window I would expect to see, to log in, will pop up. And it did. So I am happy this has fixed my problem and I hope it helps you, that have this phone.

POST UPDATE on 12th October 2018

As I blogged about a bit later, the issue had returned. It seemed to be a one off being able to log in, using Firefox browser. But recently, I had a system update on my phone and I am now able to log in on the WiFi I was having particular trouble with. Further details in this post: Seems to have fixed the issue after a recent update on my Huawei P Smart phone

Can a reader of my blog help, with a mobile technology question?

I have a Huawei P smart mobile phone. This is a new phone that I have owned after buying it just a few weeks ago. I am happy with everything it does and I can certainly access the internet much better than my old phone. But I have one small issue and that’s when it comes to connecting to some places by WiFi.

I have a local area, when visiting, that when I try to connect to it, it won’t connect as it should. By rights, I should be clicking on a pop up box that involves me to check a box that acknowledges that I accept their terms and, conditions and that I am over a certain age. Once I have done that, I am logged in. But this phone won’t do that, instead it wants me to use a QR code. How to I bypass this?

I have got my phone to forget and try again, but it still does this. I thought I would try this, as when accessing WiFi on a bus, I use to have a different kind of log-in issue then. So turning WiFi off, then back on corrected this.