I wouldn’t recommend an Huawei mobile phone as it stands at the moment.

I have just discovered there are issues between Google and Huawei. I found via another blogger’s post and researched further on the topic before posting here.

As you know, I own an Huawei mobile phone. I have had this since last August and I have been fairly happy with it.
My only issue that I once shared here was not accessing WiFi spots I used to access before with my previous phone. I have to say Huawei did some update and it seemed to work a few times, then same issues again. I just gave up, like Huawei did after that, as they never got back to me further on it when I let them know again.

Now going back to what I found out today, which I leave you two links to read yourself over it. Google has banned Huawei. The two posts will explain below why. I suggest you read the first link first, as the second link is Huawei’s response, although it goes into the other news about this.
The issue between these two companies means that updating our phones if you have this make of phone, we not be able to update everything. So there is a question of how will I phone be affected?
To me, from what I gather from reading it’s the apps that may not update. I don’t do apps, as I do everything via my browser, so not affected there. But it’s the question of the bigger updates. Google says they would allow current phones to update any security updates. But from reading, it still doesn’t sound convincing. So if I was you, avoid this make of phone.



Bloody technology

I not long posted here saying how it Seems to have fixed the issue after a recent update on my Huawei P Smart phone, but I seemed to have once again spoke so soon. A few minutes from airing post and I have lost connection from the WiFi. Trying to log back in and same issues as before. So what can I say? Was it fixed, or is it the WiFi I am using, that’s having the issue? I give up with this WiFi, as not stressing. 😀 I just wanted to leave you an update.

Seems to have fixed the issue after a recent update on my Huawei P Smart phone

A couple of days ago, I received an update for my Huawei P Smart  mobile phone and today, I tried accessing the only WiFi I knew I could not access since having this phone. It seems to have worked, as I am now writing this post while using the WiFi.
Customer service at Huawei did tell me in their last email, to give them time and they would work on it. I have logged out and back in on the WiFi to check it wasn’t a one-off just being able to log in, like when I downloaded Firefox browser and I was able to log back in on the WiFi. So if you are having same issues and have not updated the system on your phone, I totally recommend you do it and you should hopefully find like me, that the WiFi issue has been fixed.

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Huawei P smart phone issue update – Problem Solved

This is a post update on the Huawei P smart phone issue I had, which has now been solved. To see what the issue was about, this post will help: Can a reader of my blog help, with a mobile technology question?

The solution to the problem

The solution to the problem was a simple one. That simple, that when I was told if this in an email by Huawei, I did not think it would work. But it has thankfully and this post I have written while using WiFi that I could not connect to before, to write this post.

Download the Firefox browser, from the Google Play Store.

When using the Firefox browser, the window I would expect to see, to log in, will pop up. And it did. So I am happy this has fixed my problem and I hope it helps you, that have this phone.

POST UPDATE on 12th October 2018

As I blogged about a bit later, the issue had returned. It seemed to be a one off being able to log in, using Firefox browser. But recently, I had a system update on my phone and I am now able to log in on the WiFi I was having particular trouble with. Further details in this post: Seems to have fixed the issue after a recent update on my Huawei P Smart phone

Can a reader of my blog help, with a mobile technology question?

I have a Huawei P smart mobile phone. This is a new phone that I have owned after buying it just a few weeks ago. I am happy with everything it does and I can certainly access the internet much better than my old phone. But I have one small issue and that’s when it comes to connecting to some places by WiFi.

I have a local area, when visiting, that when I try to connect to it, it won’t connect as it should. By rights, I should be clicking on a pop up box that involves me to check a box that acknowledges that I accept their terms and, conditions and that I am over a certain age. Once I have done that, I am logged in. But this phone won’t do that, instead it wants me to use a QR code. How to I bypass this?

I have got my phone to forget and try again, but it still does this. I thought I would try this, as when accessing WiFi on a bus, I use to have a different kind of log-in issue then. So turning WiFi off, then back on corrected this.