Garden chit chat

My Godetia ‘Pastel Posies,’ and Lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’ have been growing well indoors.


The Godetia ‘Pastel Posies,’ (which are the taller ones,) have now been planted outside in my wooden planters, since this photo was taken.
I hope to also get my Lobelia outside, very soon as well, when I have moved some plants about. But if can’t get to moving plants about when time comes, then I will have to get extra long pots for these.


Chit Chat

Here is our first chit-chat, which replaces Virtual Coffee I used to do. This is chat without the cake, etc… Unless you want to of course. 🙂

Finishing off mum’s present

I finally finished off mum’s book, a present that I was working on and hoping to give her for Christmas, but with other matters at that time, it got side-tracked. So now, the aim was to finish it for Mother’s Day, which I did. 🙂 Mum loved her present.

As I was printing the photos from our holiday together, I could see there was some sort of warning for the wireless connection on it, but the first one printed off ok then afterwards, I spent a stressful 45 minutes of where I was trying to work out why it would not print. Even re-starting from scratch with the printer connections did not do anything, so in the end, I now print using the usb lead. I had that much of a bloody headache with it, I thought I was going to be sick.


Pansies I were growing inside have all died on me, except for this one. (Since this photo was taken, it is looking even more perky.)


The spring bulbs I have outside are mostly all shooting through. The problem I have though, is not knowing what they are, because my black permanent marker has come off all my pots. (So much for the permanent bit.) I have a rough idea what they are and I am hoping to transfer them soon to their permanent places.

I finally sorted out my final trellis planter, by putting up the artificial hedging up, mounting it on bricks and then filling it up with compost. I have transferred a pot that contained several crocuses into, separating them into smaller groups. I transferred them, as the pot they were currently in was too small for the amount that was in there. I am hoping they will look happier now.
I also filled my three plastic trellis planters with remaining compost and, sown my Sweet Peas in them. My red rose-bush I bought in memory of my aunt, is doing well in its pot. 🙂

Prep work, before I start to learn to drive.

As well as sticking my head in my books, I booked my eye test, before getting myself some spectacles that will go darker when the sun is out, for when I drive. I find that bright daylight, as well as sun can dazzle me, which is something I have mostly experienced.
My eye test was three months early, so it meant I had to pay, as at the moment I receive part help. But I do not mind, because the last thing I wanted to do was to arrange to have some made on my current prescription, only to have new specs later. It was a good job in the end, because my eyes had changed again. This meant me updating all my spectacles I wear for different situations, which I have three types now, counting these tinted pair I now want. My other two specs are one a clear pair and the other a blue-tinted pair. The blue-tinted pair I use for reading and the clear for things like crochet, or sometimes when watching tv.
I have heard mixed reviews when it comes to the spectacles that react to sunlight, which are both positive and negative. I hope I do get on with them, because knowing how bright daylight at times can dazzle me, along with when the sun shines does concern me if I am going to drive.

While at opticians, I also asked after I had my eye test to check if I had to wear the glasses to meet the required standards. I don’t have to wear them I found, but like they said, I shall wear them because of it helping my eyes in the long run. But I just wanted to know for  the Provisional License application form I was filling in.

The day before, I sorted out the part of someone signing my photo, to prove it was me and so after my query regarding the above at the opticians, I got the necessary paperwork together, that I needed to send, along with my payment. It will take up to three weeks, or possibly longer, before I receive my Provisional License and then I can book my driving lessons. 😀 (See this post; “One step ahead, too far” and you will know why I put ‘then’ in bold text, if you ended up missing it.


My least favourite topic of conversation, even if actually going to the dentist is a little easier than it used to be. But I had an x-ray not long back to see how my tooth was getting on since the operation I had on it about 6 months ago, or slightly more.

I try not to focus on my tooth, but sometimes I cannot help but feel anxious because it has been going on for a long with issues on this tooth. (A lot longer than this blog.) But now, I hope to be able to relax a bit more now. The x-ray results are showing that new bone is growing and there is no sign of infection. But there is still more bone growth to happen, to fill the empty void around my tooth, so while this is still happening, there is still that risk of infection. So now, after this recent appointment, I go again in 6 months time for a check-up, unless I feel I need to come in before. So I was relieved after this conversation with the dentist, knowing all is well so far, because every time I was feeling something going on with my tooth, it was always back of mind, even though what I was feeling was down to my tooth healing. Also, depending on what I was eating, it would have been that doing it, because the tooth is not completely surrounded with new bone yet. So I do have to be careful how I still eat. But at least I am not experiencing discomfort as I did in the early stages, which I am lucky, because it could have gone on longer.

My mental health course is now finished

I sent off my final paper last week, for my mental health course. It was a tough paper to finish, but nothing I did not know already. It just needed careful planning and making notes before writing it up in draft. Then I typed it up, making sure that my final question had the right word count. Once I did have the right word count, it was re-checking it all again before printing and including appropriate paper with it. Making sure appropriate details were filled out correctly.
It will take now up to four weeks, before I know my final result of this course and receive my certificates.

Birdlife in my garden

The start of this year has been an interesting, when it has come to birds in my garden. I have not seen it active before past years, as I have so far this year. It will be interesting to see what else I may see, when my garden progresses further this year.

I won’t be the only one who will be interested, as you will see in the photo below, of Miley. (My cat.) 😀 Miley was watching blackbirds, when this was taken.


Here ares some photos below of when magpies came to visit.


Lots of preparation in my garden

I have been quiet in regards to my garden posts, than expected. This was due to a hold up, before I made a start what I needed to do. Then last month, most of the time I had a bad cold which had a sore rib and so I could do nothing heavy. The sore rib only eased off, so it wasn’t troublesome to bother me stage, at the beginning of last week! So not much as been done as I would like visually, but most of the preparation work has been done.

Remember the small garden plot that was overgrown? Well here is the before and after, below, just to show the stage it is at. I do have plants to start putting in this area, when I make a start.

Can you remember the privacy I required? Well here it is, a photo I shared in an earlier post last year, as a reminder for you. Also some pots with different bulbs planted and a couple of bushes. Lavender was planted in one of my trellis planters, with two solar lights. The artificial hedging on both trellis planters, which gave me that feel of immediate privacy.

my planter trellis and tubs and a few pots

Since the above photo, the other planter has a plant in it and solar lights.

I also had lots of other plant pots with bulbs, not visible in the photo. These are all now starting to shoot through, except for my long plant tubs.

I have pansy seeds growing inside and I hope to put them out when March has passed, as I need to avoid frosts at this point. I have lost quiet a few pansy plants and I am hoping not to lose anymore.

I have more artificial hedging to finish off the third trellis planter, so once this is up and back in place, I can start sorting plants for that one and get the solar lights in. The artificial hedging I bought from another company, due previous company never getting back to me about looking for an alternative courier. They even failed to reply this year, when I queried for an update. The service received from this new supplier was excellent all round and I had a choice on delivery too. So very good. I will use them again if I need anymore.

Until I can give further updates on my garden, I will leave you with a view of my garden when it was just dark enough for my lights to come on. You will be able to tell from this photo of just what privacy I have with these trellis planters, that now have the artificial hedging on them. I can’t wait to get my third one set up, which is just off the photo.


Update and things I have learnt

Bought some pots of heather’s and lavender ready for planting and I also have a pot with purple crocuses, not pictured.


I have a small folding table and chairs set, given to me by a friend. This has saved money for me and they are like new. I have been treating this friend to a couple of meals paid for and one where I will cook him a meal, to show my thanks, which I am glad he is accepting. 🙂
I also have some butterfly cushions that another friend gave me, that she no longer wanted, for my chairs. They are beautiful.

I have plenty of seeds that came with garden magazines I bought and also some that I bought. I have:

  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Quite a few different varieties of sweet peas
  • Lupin
  • Godetia
  • Larkspur

I want to eventually grow carrots and blueberries. (I’m sure later I will decide on something else.)

Learning something new

A 500ml empty bottle of pop, comes in handy for indoor watering. Just drill a few holes in the top for the water to come out and one on the bottle, near the top of the bottle for an air hole, which helps the water to come out ok.

This you could also do on a milk bottle, for outdoor watering of plants, saving money and recycling at the same time. (Something I will do when my watering can wears out.)



I also learnt new, that sprinkling salt onto weeds kills them, so I did this prior to my handyman coming to do fencing, as the roots of the weeds were very tough. It done the job, because the handyman thought I had put weed killer on them. I never heard of putting salt on weeds before and so I Googled it and could see this was mentioned and also vinegar!

Important tip I learnt though! Be careful where you sprinkle that salt, as it will kill all plants that comes into contact with it.

My garden

Gardening is good for wellbeing and where I live, I wouldn’t say I have a garden, it is more like a yard. But when those weeds are growing through cracks in my concrete, from inside my home, when looking at my yard, it looks like a garden for the wrong reasons. 😀

Through recent Virtual Coffee posts, I have been talking about how I need to be in the garden because of problems I have been having since surgery with my tooth. (It will take 6 to 12 months healing.)
Being in the garden will take my mind off the discomfort I am having at times and the worry for the concern of the next stage I am to have and then when it is all done, whether it was successful or not. I know that being in the garden will also make me relax. But as you can see, it is not private, or inviting.



I did look into a 6ft fence, but it was expensive and because I rent, I wasn’t going to pay that. When I was gutted because of price, I realised that I was looking forward to do something with this yard and it was distracting me away from other things. So I knew I needed to still do this. So I looked into alternative solutions that I could have along my boundary to make it feel private, but not permanent.

As this post airs, I have quite a few definite things that will go into my garden and a couple of things I will buy to put along my boundary. Once these are in place, it will be easier where else I go from there along the boundary, because I have to make sure a small sewer drain is accessible, should it ever need to be.

Before I bought and put along my boundary fence that I plan to do, the first thing I needed to do was at least get the slatted fence repaired. On closer inspection, it wasn’t worth repairing though, so I arranged with my handyman to replace it for me. I think he has done a good job and I am happy with it. He also patched up the holes in the concrete where the weeds were growing through.


The next is to paint all of my side of the fence, before things go up along side it. I hope to get this done by Sunday, weather permitting.

My old blog I used to write, I used to share my garden progress there and heard from quite a few people how they enjoyed following it, so as this one progresses, I will share this garden with you too. 🙂