Garden update

As promised in this post; “A short chit chat,” a view to show part of my garden with all four trellis planters in it, so you can see the full version of my yard.

my four trellis planters with their artificial hedging on. Plants in three of the trellis doing well and a fourth to put plants in still

If you take note in the distance, you will see I have more flowers on my Sweet Peas. I thought my display had finished, but more has appeared.


A short chit-chat

I received my certificate recently for my final paper for my ‘Health Care – Managing Challenging Behaviour’ course and I received a ‘High Merit.”

I am not doing any animal-related courses with NARPS now. This was because I spent half an hour just trying to register because of their website timing out.
There has been many occasions before, when visiting their website it times out, so I did wonder when I was planning to do my course there, what luck would I have.
When I did finally get to register, they did not accept my payment! Surprisingly, when writing out a complaint using their contact form and having the same issue of timing out, that actually got through. I said in response to their email that to just remove me off their list, as I am going elsewhere to do my courses now.
After searching around elsewhere and weighing them up, I have now registered with Stonebridge College. I await for my first course with them, as I have chosen to do via post, as this is my preference. (You can do it online if you want to.)
If I am happy with this course, then I already have another I plan to do after, once complete.

Outside, I got round to finally putting up on the artificial hedging on my fourth trellis planter. Do you remember the pansy that I nearly killed over and over in the early days? It is doing very well now. This one single plant has nearly completely covered the pot, around my rose-bush, as this photo shows. 🙂

You will also see my fourth trellis in the background of this photo, with the artificial hedging on. I will take a view from the distance of the whole garden another time.

pansy growing well in my rose bush container

Chit-chat; garden and other topics

Here are a couple of photos from my garden, which shows the fourth trellis I talked about in this post. I have just not got round to putting on the fake hedging yet, due to lack of motivation at times, but also it has been raining a lately.

Garden photo 3

garden photo 1

Job hunting

Since this chit-chat post, where I talked about the frustrations of my job hunting, I have stopped looking. I have been put off, as it just created a negative effect for me. But there was something else I was hoping for and that was to start a self-employment job up for myself, while still working where I am. The only obstacle was would my landlord let me? Well…. he said yes. 🙂 A couple of people I have spoken to in small details about this, were confused as to why a landlord would refuse when I will be looking after pets at the clients home and have no intention of bringing any pets back at my place. This is because it may affect their insurance the landlord has on the property I rent. (There could be other reasons I am not aware of too.) I had a back-up plan should he have said no, but it would have meant more starting costs and it would have also meant that I would not have been able to set it up anytime soon. Thankfully, I did not need that back-up.
The job I would like to set up is pet sitting and dog walking in my local area. This would be doing something I love, as well as a job that keeps me active. I have wanted to do this for some years, but confidence issues stopped me on a lot of levels.
The world of self-employment is nothing new to me, so filling in tax return forms, book-keeping and filing necessary documents and saving necessary paperwork I have experience in. But this job, compared to my other self-employment work will come will a lot more responsibility and this will take some months of planning all the details before it becomes all official.
Although I am animal mad and I have knowledge of some animals, along with plenty of experiences with cats, experiences with dogs and some small animals, I also want to extend my knowledge and make sure knowledge I have is up-to-date. So while I am having my driving lessons, I will be doing further squatting in animal books. I also plan to now get my health care course out the way, rather than take it at a slow pace as I was originally planning with that one, so it is not forgotten when I start to be busy with my business. I shall also be taking a course with NARPS, prior to opening my business and one or two other courses elsewhere before, or when my business starts.

Naughty, naughty, me

Since this post where I talked about moving my furniture around, I have been naughty some nights being on my computer past a certain time. Regular readers will know I put a curfew of no later than 7pm at night, but some nights I have been on quite late. I need to remind myself and remain strict with this, because I know by doing this, it helps me to sleep well. Although my sleep has not been disrupted this time, I am not taking any chances by continuing it. The only change that will come later, is that the time will change to no later than 8.30pm.

My cat

Miley is doing better now I brush her every other day. This is helping her greatly due to when she was moulting a lot of her fur with not knowing whether she was coming or going with the weather.
Miley is also having her teeth cleaned soon. I hope she comes round better from her anaesthetic though. Although she was at no risk that time round, I could not help as a worried owner.
I leave you with a couple of photos, of Miley. 🙂

Garden update – Inside and Out


When my last garden post update aired, a friend via Facebook suggested that I could start a little tradition of bringing the first rose from the bush each year and place it in a special vase for it. This friend, has a friend who does just that, to bring back some nice memories of a family member. I thought this was a lovely idea and something I will definitely do and here it is in the photo below.

rose cutting

While I was at it, I decided to cut some Sweet Peas too. Here they are:

cuttings of some sweet peas in a small vase

My rose and Sweet Peas after taking this photo, are now on my kitchen windowsill and the Sweet Peas were soon creating a lovely smell in there.

I also have some Lavender cuttings in my bedroom for a relaxing smell.

lavender cuttings

I usually avoid having any kind of plants in my home because of having to be careful with owning a cat. (Some plants are harmful.) It’s easier avoiding having plants in the home than worrying what is safe around a pet and what it isn’t.
Also, with me having hay fever, I shouldn’t really have plants in my home, but I do find the odd small cuttings here and there are not too bad for me, I just cannot have a big bouquet.
In the past when receiving plants, they have only ever been in my kitchen, because I never leave my pet unattended in there, but with her being banned in my bedroom now, (or if she gets her paw around my little finger, then never left alone,) I know I will be ok having a few Lavender plant cuttings in there.

Outside, I have my fourth trellis planter assembled, which is on wheels to make it easier to access a sewer drain should there ever be a need. As I write this post, this planter is filled with compost and I have transplanted some Forget-me-not at the front of it and deciding on what to put in behind currently. I also need to get the artificial hedging, but that will be end of the month before I can afford this. (At least I can wheel this out when the time comes to fixing them on the trellis.)

I will take a photo of the garden later in the year to show you what it is like currently.

My carrots are not growing as well as they should be, which I put this down to neglect of the watering possibly when it was very hot, but also it is possibly in the wrong part of my garden, so next year I plan to completely clear it out and grow carrots in a pot so I can put it in a different part of the garden and move if needed and in the planter grow Sweet Peas. I love the smell and of the Sweet Peas I have had this year and I would definitely like to have these nearer to my back door.  🙂

Garden update

My Sweet Peas in the following two photos below.

my sweet peas

close up of a Sweet Pea

My rose bush now, since you last seen it in this post.
As you know, I bought this rose bush in memory of my aunt who passed away on new years eve. Now the rose that is open in this photo, opened on what would have been my aunt’s birthday. So this was a special moment for me and it makes this rose bush even more special to me.


This corner plot in photo below, had Daffodils, Bluebells, Snowdrops and Heathers. There were also some other plants I planted. This corner did not do as well as I hoped and I had lost quite a lot of plants, so the next time I share a photo of this corner, it will have something in completely different. I have already cleared one section of it ready and have some hardier plants ready to go in both sections.

My Lavender in the trellis planter. One of these will get moved to a pot for next year, to allow for them to both spread.


Garden chit-chat

My Godetia ‘Pastel Posies,’ and Lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’ have been growing well indoors.


The Godetia ‘Pastel Posies,’ (which are the taller ones,) have now been planted outside in my wooden planters, since this photo was taken.
I hope to also get my Lobelia outside, very soon as well, when I have moved some plants about. But if can’t get to moving plants about when time comes, then I will have to get extra long pots for these.



Here is our first chit-chat, which replaces Virtual Coffee I used to do. This is chat without the cake, etc… Unless you want to of course. 🙂

Finishing off mum’s present

I finally finished off mum’s book, a present that I was working on and hoping to give her for Christmas, but with other matters at that time, it got side-tracked. So now, the aim was to finish it for Mother’s Day, which I did. 🙂 Mum loved her present.

As I was printing the photos from our holiday together, I could see there was some sort of warning for the wireless connection on it, but the first one printed off ok then afterwards, I spent a stressful 45 minutes of where I was trying to work out why it would not print. Even re-starting from scratch with the printer connections did not do anything, so in the end, I now print using the usb lead. I had that much of a bloody headache with it, I thought I was going to be sick.


Pansies I were growing inside have all died on me, except for this one. (Since this photo was taken, it is looking even more perky.)


The spring bulbs I have outside are mostly all shooting through. The problem I have though, is not knowing what they are, because my black permanent marker has come off all my pots. (So much for the permanent bit.) I have a rough idea what they are and I am hoping to transfer them soon to their permanent places.

I finally sorted out my final trellis planter, by putting up the artificial hedging up, mounting it on bricks and then filling it up with compost. I have transferred a pot that contained several crocuses into, separating them into smaller groups. I transferred them, as the pot they were currently in was too small for the amount that was in there. I am hoping they will look happier now.
I also filled my three plastic trellis planters with remaining compost and, sown my Sweet Peas in them. My red rose-bush I bought in memory of my aunt, is doing well in its pot. 🙂

Prep work, before I start to learn to drive.

As well as sticking my head in my books, I booked my eye test, before getting myself some spectacles that will go darker when the sun is out, for when I drive. I find that bright daylight, as well as sun can dazzle me, which is something I have mostly experienced.
My eye test was three months early, so it meant I had to pay, as at the moment I receive part help. But I do not mind, because the last thing I wanted to do was to arrange to have some made on my current prescription, only to have new specs later. It was a good job in the end, because my eyes had changed again. This meant me updating all my spectacles I wear for different situations, which I have three types now, counting these tinted pair I now want. My other two specs are one a clear pair and the other a blue-tinted pair. The blue-tinted pair I use for reading and the clear for things like crochet, or sometimes when watching tv.
I have heard mixed reviews when it comes to the spectacles that react to sunlight, which are both positive and negative. I hope I do get on with them, because knowing how bright daylight at times can dazzle me, along with when the sun shines does concern me if I am going to drive.

While at opticians, I also asked after I had my eye test to check if I had to wear the glasses to meet the required standards. I don’t have to wear them I found, but like they said, I shall wear them because of it helping my eyes in the long run. But I just wanted to know for  the Provisional License application form I was filling in.

The day before, I sorted out the part of someone signing my photo, to prove it was me and so after my query regarding the above at the opticians, I got the necessary paperwork together, that I needed to send, along with my payment. It will take up to three weeks, or possibly longer, before I receive my Provisional License and then I can book my driving lessons. 😀 (See this post; “One step ahead, too far” and you will know why I put ‘then’ in bold text, if you ended up missing it.


My least favourite topic of conversation, even if actually going to the dentist is a little easier than it used to be. But I had an x-ray not long back to see how my tooth was getting on since the operation I had on it about 6 months ago, or slightly more.

I try not to focus on my tooth, but sometimes I cannot help but feel anxious because it has been going on for a long with issues on this tooth. (A lot longer than this blog.) But now, I hope to be able to relax a bit more now. The x-ray results are showing that new bone is growing and there is no sign of infection. But there is still more bone growth to happen, to fill the empty void around my tooth, so while this is still happening, there is still that risk of infection. So now, after this recent appointment, I go again in 6 months time for a check-up, unless I feel I need to come in before. So I was relieved after this conversation with the dentist, knowing all is well so far, because every time I was feeling something going on with my tooth, it was always back of mind, even though what I was feeling was down to my tooth healing. Also, depending on what I was eating, it would have been that doing it, because the tooth is not completely surrounded with new bone yet. So I do have to be careful how I still eat. But at least I am not experiencing discomfort as I did in the early stages, which I am lucky, because it could have gone on longer.

My mental health course is now finished

I sent off my final paper last week, for my mental health course. It was a tough paper to finish, but nothing I did not know already. It just needed careful planning and making notes before writing it up in draft. Then I typed it up, making sure that my final question had the right word count. Once I did have the right word count, it was re-checking it all again before printing and including appropriate paper with it. Making sure appropriate details were filled out correctly.
It will take now up to four weeks, before I know my final result of this course and receive my certificates.