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Bringing some greenery into my life

As I mentioned in this post; “Chit-chat extra,” I wanted to get a couple of plants for my home with not owning a cat now and nothing definite set in stone for years to come. (As there are plants that can be harmful.)
Last weekend, I went to B&Q, to go plant shopping and I came back with two plants, as planned. Although I had two plants in mind, I still browsed at the other indoor plants, avoiding ferns, as I have known to have a reaction to fern when in contact with my skin.

I bought a Spider Plant and a Parlour Palm.

Spider plant and my Parlour Palm plant in the distance

I love both plants, but my Parlour Palm plant I really love. Someone has one of these at my workplace and I was fascinated with it, so I knew I had to buy one.

Parlour Palm plant

I would have loved to have bought another of these Parlour Palm’s, but these two plants are what I shall have to settle with for the time being. I don’t plan to buy anymore until I am in a council flat one day, then I know where my future plants can go.

As flowers can affect me really bad, because of hay fever, I only have a bunch of flowers in a vase on rare moments. So to add some colour and cheer especially, I bought more of these.

yellow fake flowers

I have one of these already in a green bottle in my bedroom, next to my mirror and they really cheer me up. Yellow always make my days seem brighter on dull days and so I bought two of these for downstairs; one for in the living room and one for the dining room. I have washed out an empty sesame oil bottle and waiting for it to dry out and one set will go in this. The other I am to find, or recycle a vase/bottle for, so I have just got them elsewhere in my front room for the time being.


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