Some positive inspirations for your ‘Positive Jar/Journal.’ (Part 2 of 2.)

Here is some more that I have written in my ‘Positive Journal.’ These are from 2015/2016.
I hope this post gives you an idea for yours.

25th December 2015 – Enjoying Christmas with Mum and cooking dinner.
Receiving cat socks and a cat shaped chocolate. (Made me smile.)

28th December 2015 – Feeling good about my decision to quit writing on my deaf blog.
Enjoying, just chilling.

7th January 2016 – Enjoying emails from a friend and replying back.

8th January 2016 – Enjoying company of friends and her family. Enjoying catching up.

13th January 2016 – Enjoyed a FB chat with a friend.
Being silly with my Photo Booth on my Mac computer.

29th January 2016 – Enjoyed lunch with a friend.

You will see here, just like Part 1, that some things that were a positive feeling to me, cost nothing.

Enjoy creating yours and I hope these posts have helped and inspired you.

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Some positive inspirations for your ‘Positive Jar/Journal.’ (Part 1 of 2.)

Here is what I have written in my ‘Positive Journal.’ These are from 2014. I will give examples from 2015/2016, in another post.
I hope this post gives you an idea for yours.

January time 2014 – Knowing Miley’s operation on her anal glands, was a success.

4th January 2014 – Giving a cross-stitch to someone I knew. Who would appreciate and finish it off.

8th January 2014 – Receiving a small cross-stitch. In return for giving mine.

14th January 2014 – My own copy of the book I wrote for, with other deaf/hoh people that also joined in with. A Students Guide to the Deaf Experience, by Michelle Jay. – Feel good. 🙂

12th May 2014 – Moving into my new home.

24th May 2014 – Enjoying a laughable conversation with a friend via Facebook, when talking about my feet.

14th June 2014 – Finally allowing myself to feel happy and my achievement in the display I did for Ashfield Play Forum. A display for showing Ellison templates that are available.

19th June 2014 – Doing my 20 minute presentation in English Level 2.

3rd July 2014 – Learnt I had passed English Level 2 exam.

25th July 2014 – Happy to be cooking in my kitchen, since having it how I want.

4th August 2014 – Laughing at Miley this morning. (My cat.) Running, jumping, playing and being fussy. 🙂

7th February 2015 – I drawn a butterfly.

9th February 2015 – I did a bit of doodling again. Wrote ‘Love’ in bold red letters. Underneath I wrote:

  • For the friends I have made online and offline.
  • For the health of my friends and family.
  • For great conversation on Facebook.
  • For confidence I have gained and doing things I would not have tried before.
  • That Miley (cat) has gave and I know I will receive lots more.

10th February 2015 – Received a newspaper cutting from my Mum, that made me laugh.

I hope some of what I have shared from my ‘Positive Journal’ has helped to give you ideas. As you can see from some of what I shared, there are some things that cost nothing, that felt positive to me.

Now see what you can create and discover, with your ‘Positive Jar/Journal.’

Best wishes. x

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Positive Jar/Journal

The Positive Jar was something I originally came across at Help Reduce Suicide, Depression and Stress Related Illnesses. (Facebook page.) This was just over 2 years ago when I first started doing it, but the only difference is, I now write it in a journal.

The idea of the Positive Jar:

Every time when something good happens to you. (It doesn’t matter if it is just a little thing that makes you happy.) Write it down on a little piece of paper why you are happy. Fold the paper and place it inside the jar. On the last day of the year, see how many little presents life gave you.

From mentioning about the Positive Jar originally on my deaf blog I used to write and mentioning in a later post there of how I turned mine into a journal, it sparked fresh interest. Some I found who were reading my blog were either doing this already, or planning on to. If you are contemplating on doing this, after reading this blog post, I say, go for it!

It is easy to focus so much on negativity, that anything positive, we tend to forget. This can make it even harder if you are feeling low or depressed. Writing a journal of the things that feel positive to you, is a reminder of the good things.

For anyone struggling with their ‘Positive Jar/Journal,’ please carry on reading this post from some tips:

Remember! This is your own personal journal of positivity. So there is no right, or wrong way to do this.

  • Write it how you want, as long as it is positive writing.
  • Write, or draw what is positive for you.
  • You don’t need to write every day. (Unless you want to.) Two or three times a week is enough.
  • Start with the date, so when you look back at all your positivity stuff, you will know when it happened.

I will share later, in another post of some positive things I wrote in my journal, from 2014. Then another post, for some in 2015/2016.

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