I challenge you

For those that like to colour in books, I would like to give you a challenge. A challenge that I have already done, after doing the challenge myself.

I challenge you to colour with your non-dominant hand. So this means using your opposite hand from the one you usually use.

This challenge appeared in “The Mindfulness Companion – A Creative Journal To Bring Calm To Your Day,” by Dr Sarah Jane Arnold.

So, as I am right-handed, it meant I had to colour the picture below with my left hand.

Believe it, or not, I have never coloured with my left hand. So I surprised myself with this end result.


I did feel the concentration though, while completing this challenge and I did this over a few days.

The only time I have used my left hand, was when I had to write with my left hand some years ago for so a few months, while the right one was strapped up and not allowed to use it, after injury as a cleaner with it.
Before then, as a packer with an employer, I learnt to use a tape gun with my left hand, so that I could alternate hands using the tape gun, so I would not have any issues with my right hand, had I used that all the time instead. (Repetition causing injury I suffered, until I made this change.)

When you do the challenge, as the challenge in my book says, “… Notice how much patience and concentration it requires. It may feel new and unfamiliar. It may feel frustrating. Notice and name any emotions that arise, moment by moment, and allow them to be here with you as you try to guide your hand as it colours. See if you can experience this without making any judgements. Notice how present you are in this moment.”

If you decide to take on this challenge on your blog, do let me know.

A to Z Gratitude Challenge

So near the end of the post, “Life is a rollercoaster” I talked about the “A to Z gratitude challenge” I came across in a book, in case you liked a go. The rules for this challenge, was to, as said from the book, on page 71 of “Courage, 50 Mindfulness and Relaxation Exercises to Improve Your Confidence,” by Dr. Arlene K. Unger:

“Write the alphabet on a sheet of paper. For each letter, challenge yourself to come up with something to be grateful for. (When you get to X and Z, just find something that contains those letters rather than words that start with them.)”

I mentioned that when I had done mine, I would share it in a separate post. So here it is.

A – Animals. As long as it is the furry, or feathered kind.

B – Books. There is always something nice to read, or learn from a book.

C – Cats. For the love received from cats once owned.

D – DVD’S. Action, or comedy.

E – Early mornings. I’m enjoying getting up an hour early, than normal.

F – Fruit. It makes me feel good.

G – Gratitude. For practising it more.

H – Hamster. For a little thing, it gave me lots of love, when I had one.

I – Ice cream. Whether it be a bowl of vanilla, or a Ben and Jerry’s. Naughty, but nice.

J – Jelly. Strawberry jelly, with vanilla ice cream and relive a childhood favourite.

K – For the kindness I have received.

L – Lavender. A relaxing fragrance.

M – Music, to reflect my mood; whether to relax, or dance.

N – Nature. Nothing beats getting out and taking a walk, whether the park, visiting a pond, the beach, smelling that flower, or watching wildlife. I just love it.

O – Oranges. I know I said fruit, but there is something about oranges that can perk me up, or just be refreshing.

P – Perfume. I find some perfumes can be relaxing. It’s lovely to find an alternative that can.

Q – Quiet. I like my quiet times, as they help me recharge.

R – Roof. For a roof, over my head.

S – Sanctuary. My home is my sanctuary, just to be me in how I choose. To take my hearing aids out, if I want to.

T – Tea. Nothing beats a mug of tea, throughout the day.

U – Unique. For being me.

V – Vets. For the support in the final days of Miley, my beautiful cat.

W – WordPress. My blog and the lovely community I have discovered here.

X – I can’t think of one.

Y – Yellow. A cheerful colour, that always feels like sunshine, no matter what the weather.

Z – Zzz. Sleep, as it helps me, mentally.

Have you been having a go with this challenge?

Inktober drawings

So I have been joining in with inktober.
To know more about inktober and the prompts for it, you will find out more about it, in this post; Has any of my readers done inktober?

I have decided I will share my drawings over two posts. So, here is the first post and I will post any other drawings I do, at the end of the month. I have chosen just to do a few of them and not everyone of the prompts.

Thank you for showing an interest.

Day 1 – Poisonous


Day 2 – Tranquil


Day 4 – Spell


Day 6 – Drooling


Day 8 – Star


#inktober #inktober2018

Life is a rollercoaster

I’m sure like me, you have heard the phrase “life is like a rollercoaster.” This past year, I feel I can use this phrase. Lots of things have happened, that have been good and bad. I have had to give myself extra self-care more than normal, which for a while has been on a daily basis. After my emotional week recently, that I talked about in this post; “Feeling emotional,” I have had to make sure I do keep giving myself self-care, appropriate for the situation.
Some self-care I have been doing is spending lots of time at the library this week. This will continue into next week on free days I will have, prior to work. I am out of internet as well, until the 4th October, so I am taking advantage of their WiFi too.
Some days have been colouring, or doodling, as I recently shared in a post.
At work, before work starts, I sit in a place away from others on odd days, for some quiet.

Anxiety has creeped in the last couple of days, but I feel I have it under control with slow deep breaths, touching things that help me relax and drinking tea, or hot chocolate.

This morning, while at the library, I chose to quickly flick through a book that caught my eye. The book was called, “Courage, 50 Mindfulness and Relaxation Exercises to Improve Your Confidence,” by Dr. Arlene K. Unger. Flicking through the book I see I am either doing some of these things already, or something I plan to do next.
But there was one thing that caught my eye in particular. I thought I would share it here with you, because I know there are readers like me that write either on their blog, or in a journal what they are grateful for the day and I thought you might be interested. I see it as something we could all give a go at, whether you practice gratitude, or not.
Would you like a challenge? Then keep reading.

This excerpt is from page 71, of the book:

“Write the alphabet on a sheet of paper. For each letter, challenge yourself to come up with something to be grateful for. (When you get to X and Z, just find something that contains those letters rather than words that start with them.)”

So are you going to have a go, with this challenge?

If you do, then when you have a go, either write yours for in a comment in this post.
Or if you are going to write this challenge up on your own blog, then tag this actual post.
Please , if you do tag me, that you make sure you tag using this post and not the whole of my blog, because that way I won’t miss your post. (Realistically, I shouldn’t.) Past challenges where I have found people to have joined in have not tagged me this way and I only happened to have spotted that they had joined in because I was scrolling in my reader far enough. I could have so easily missed.

I will share mine, once I have done it, in a separate post.

Has any of my readers done inktober?

Has any readers here done inktober before?

I am thinking of doing it for the first time this year, but with moving home coming at some point in October, I wonder how much I commit to it. Or maybe should I do it privately and then share in one go what I managed to do, at the end of October, to beginning of November?

I wanted to do it last year, but I can’t remember the reason I did not follow it through. Maybe I did not have a reason. It was also when I had first heard of it, but inktober has been going longer than that.
New prompts for this year in October have not long been shared and you can find those propmts here and the rules if you would like to join in, in the link below.



#inktober #inktober2018

50 things that make me happy

After seeing this challenge over at “hello bexa,” in this post of the same title, I thought I would give this challenge a go. 🙂 But it’s not one I have managed to complete as it airs, so his may be a post I may come back to and edit in my own time, when I can think of more.

1. My Spider Plant and Parlour Palm plant.
2. Miley, my cat, who I miss, since her passing.
3. Family
4. Friends
5. New notebook
6. My present job
7. Tea and biscuits.
8. Watching dvd’s at home.
9. Having ‘me time.’
10. A walk in nature.
11. The beach, watching the sea.
12. Quiet time.
13. Being silly and laughing with family and friends.
14. Watching films.
15. Laughing at comedies.
16. Flavoured teas.
17. My home.
18. Music.
19. Dancing.
20. Holidays, or day trips.
21. Ice cream.
22. Fleecy blanket.
23. Tai Chi
24. Pilates.
25. Zumba.
26. Knowing I have done something well.
27. To be wanted.
28. My yellow fake flowers.
29. Sunshine.
30. Seeing daffodils and snowdrops first bloom.
31. My bed.
32. Making other people.
33. Buying the odd magazine.
34. Colouring.
35. Blogging.
36. If I could afford to buy my own home, then this would make me happy.
37. My cherished memories.
38. A few necklaces I own.
39. Discovering Sharpie pens.
40. The things I have achieved.
41. My freedom.
42. Strawberry, or banana milkshake.
43. Milk with chocolate biscuits, or cookies.
44. Scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream.
45. Reading a book or magazine.
46. Lavender.
47. Scented candles.
48. Books.
49. Traveling.