I have not done a WordPress Daily Prompt for some time and so after I seen their Daily Post for the word Brilliant, I smiled.
Brilliant has been the word I have used since I started my new job, this year. I have thought of the word brilliant since the first day I started and when friends or family have asked me how it has gone on, I have said brilliant.

This job is what I expected for me, I get on with everyone and they get along with me. I love this brilliant job and I have pride going to a work place that respects their employers. I come away knowing I have done a good job and they are happy with me.

I am feeling brilliant.


This will be a big thing for me

Learning to drive is going to be a big thing for me and when the time comes to owning a car, it will be a massive decision I make. But I do have someone close in the family who will be there to make sure that the car I choose is a reliable one. I have already received lots of tips already about cars, learning to drive and taking the test. This person was the one who explained how to drive a manual car in easy to understand terms, hence why I nearly chose this route. But as you know, automatic seems to be my comfort zone for me and as someone said in a post before, driving is supposed to be fun.

I hope to sort out a couple of lessons in the next couple of weeks, to see that my chosen driving school is right for me. (They have good reviews and they have been recommended after I already chose them.) If those two are fine, then I will then book a block lesson. I will keep you updated down the line when I have had some lessons.

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Trust your gut instinct

After recently going with my gut instinct, because my gut instinct in the past as usually been right, even when I used to ignore it at one time. I wasn’t going to ignore it again and so I followed my gut instinct of dropping the volunteer place that did not use me. I thought I’d share a quote on the subject of following your gut instinct.

gut instinct

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