My bullet journal

I said in my first post, “First chit-chat of 2018” that I would share my bullet-journal sometime in February. So here it is. 🙂

Below, is my Mood Tracker for 2017. It is colour coded to show my moods. There have been days where I had been feeling different things, hence the different colours in the squares.

My colour coding I use and their possible meanings, when I use that colour that day:

  • Red is for – angry, frustrated, annoyed, anxious, or grumpy.
  • Orange is for – average, normal, or uneventful.
  • Brown is for – sick, tired, lazy, lethargic, unmotivated, or exhausted.
  • Green is for – productive, alive, active, energetic, or focused.
  • Blue is for – sad lonely, depressed, insecure, down, or numb.
  • Purple is for – unsure, or disassociated.
  • Yellow is for – joyful, happy, fulfilled, content, satisfied, or good.

Mood Tracker 2017

Here is my Mood Tracker for 2018. What a difference, since being in my new job. 🙂 I use the same colour coding, as before. I think this is great to use if you want to monitor your moods when suffering from depression, anxiety etc…

Mood Tracker 2018

Below, where I share another two pages from my bullet-journal, shows a quote, “There is nothing like a good book, to escape into” and my reading book list. The books where I have written the titles, I have either these books already, or that are on my wish list. My wish list is marked by a * with an arrow pointing downwards, on the book. This is the only book I plan to buy and read one day, which will stay on my bookshelf.
Where I have an x in the box on my book, means I have read it and where there is / means I’m currently reading.

Quote and my bookshelf

This page in photo below from my journal, shows self-care ideas I discovered.

Self Care ideas

Another two pages from my journal below, which apologies for picture of the dog not showing clearly. (This was from my flash, with paper being glossy.) I just cut the dog picture out of a magazine and glued in my journal. I used glitter tape to frame the picture of the dog.
The other page shows a quote, “Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.”

Another couple pages of my journal

I put this compliment and reminder from a reader of my blog, inside my journal. Ren left this on my last blog post last year and I put this in my journal, as I felt I needed this reminder at the time to look at while away from blogging. “You got this, Liz! You are a good person and you know it. Do you tell yourself, out loud, of all your accomplishments? Of how proud you are of yourself? What a beautiful being you ARE? I great compliment goes a long way.”

Compliment from a reader of my blog

This journal two-page spread shows my goals, in a way I can see easy at a glance.

Goals page of my journal

I need to know how to draw a banner and so I copied the instructions into my journal for reference.

How to draw a banner

I used a banner to label my “DVD’s I’d like to watch” page of my journal. Symbols I used here, were a tick if I watched it. A * meant it was on my wish list. (Some I have bought already.) A x meant I didn’t watch it. This symbol was added after I realised that the DVD I could not watch, did not have subtitles.

DVD's I'd like to watch

I also wrote my “Personal achievements of 2017,” in my journal.

My Journal Case

My journal case I bought after discovering this via another blog many months ago. I can’t remember the blog now. But after she shared it and said how useful it was to her, showing photos, I knew this would be handy for me too. This wasn’t a UK product and so I had to wait a little to receive it. But I am so happy with it and it was a good buy. I have had this for many months now. It was available on Amazon com, but after finding it via there, I searched on UK one and found it. It did not really take long as I thought it would to arrive. It’s good quality and hold quite a lot.

Outside of my journal case

Inside of my journal case 1

Inside of my journal case 2

Inside of my journal case 3