Nature Heals

I have been at my mum’s the past two nights, as I have been painting her bedroom walls and ceiling. I go home tonight and I shall do my own thing tomorrow, which will be a day at Southwell. So while at Southwell, I will no doubt look in Southwell Minster while there too.

This morning, while needing to do a couple of things, I also needed to be in nature, to refresh. So I went to Sutton Lawn. After calling in The Rumbles cafe and a wander around this park, I had a sit back on a bench I once sat on before and just take it all in for half an hour. This photo below, I taken from this very bench I sat at, a couple of years back, which I shared in a post.

Photo taken while still sat on bench

The photos below, I took today from the same spot and very near by, when I started making my way back in town.


Nature heals and I needed it this morning.

Day 8 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Re-charge

To recharge, I have to do the same as I mentioned in “Day 3 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Boost.” I must have me time. Having a hearing loss drains me from concentration of trying to follow a conversation all day. If I am with a group of people, then this is really difficult for me and I am best just sticking with one, or two out of that group to follow.
I must have quiet time just to recharge and being an introvert on top, although I do more than I used to, I still have to have those quiet times. If I don’t, I am burnt out.

When I take time out to re-charge, I will plan my day to do something nice, but gentle. In the past, I have had spa days at home, or some other weekend at home plan. I also avoided technology during this time and although it was just me, doing all this for me, I felt like I had been on holiday. I would eat healthfully, I had an hour of Tai-chi and quiet moments to read. Sit and relax with music and a scented candle, or watch a dvd, or two, are just some of the things I did on a weekend one. I totally recommend it. But if you cannot get a day to yourself, then try to least get 10 minutes for yourself, to half an hour. You will feel better for it.

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Day 5 of #blurtselfcareathon – Outside

Getting outside in nature does me good and I totally recommend it. If I had the option of the beach, I would be there daily, but I don’t have a beach in walking distance to do this. The nearest for me is woods and parks. No matter which I choose, I know I will feel the benefit.
Even if you don’t fancy walking to the park, no matter what the reason, but have a garden, then go out in the garden and do a little digging, weeding, or watering the plants. Just at least 10 minutes in the garden and you will feel some difference for the better.

#blurtselfcareathon #theblurtfoundation #mentalhealth #selfcare

My other two colouring books

So here are my other two colouring books I said I would mention, since this post, “Adult colouring books.”

“Enchanted Forest” and “Secret Garden,” are both by Johanna Basford.


The pages are so detailed inside and these two are going to last me for some time. They are worth the money. As well as colouring, there are things to find, or do. I’m doing the colouring first and will go back to the puzzles after, except for the pages that involve adding more detail them, which those I will do as I go along.

This photo below, is a couple of pages out of the “Enchanted Forest” colouring book.


The photo below, is a couple of pages out of the “Secret Garden” colouring book.


I have mostly used felt tips when colouring these pages, but at times I have used pencil crayons. Although the paper is good quality, I would not recommend Sharpies felt tips, as these will bleed through to next page. Felt tips I have been using that are really good and do not bleed through are Staedtler and Stabilo.


Adult colouring books

Adult colouring books have been out a few years and they are still popular. They can help towards better mental health, because they give you something to focus on. I have been using colouring books for a couple of years, or slightly longer and towards end of last year, I was relying on them heavily after tragic events, to get through the day. (The last picture certainly reflects that very dark period in my life.)
These pages out of my colouring books were single-sided, so I used mainly sharpie pens for colouring in, but at times I used pencil crayons too.
I said last year that I would share some of my colourings one day. Although later than planned, here they are.

In a later post, I will share two colouring books I am now currently using.

Self-care day

One Sunday last month, I had a day just for myself. (Me time.) Although I do not have this box I created, which I talked about last August, in a Chit-Chat post, I still do have ‘me time.’ This can still be over a weekend, or as last month, just for the day. The things that were in my box originally, I still have some of those things and they are still used for whenever I want to feel like I am having a little pamper, or for relaxation. I have just put them when with my other toiletries, to save space.
When I had my self-care day, I stayed indoors with it cold outside. (I felt lazy to go out.) Although I wasn’t tech free, it was limited. I only used the internet that morning to send a couple of messages after I had my breakfast. I did not plan a schedule as in times for my day, as I just went with the flow, but I had in mind what I wanted to do. This was what I had planned:

  • Tai-Chi for about an hour.
  • Clean bathroom. (Yes, I did say that. I used mindfulness as I did this.)
  • Watch two films on DVD; “All Of My Heart” and “City of Angels.”
  • Cuddle from Miley, my cat.
  • 9.30pm to 10pm, go to bed.

Tai chi-Chi I did in the morning following mindfully cleaning the bathroom. I then did my lunch.

I watched the film, “All of my heart” in the late afternoon, which I bought from Amazon after a friend chatted to me about it. She told me of a particular line in the film and thought of me after reading this post; “You don’t always know,” where I talked about never being intimate with a man again. The line that a character said in the film, which I liked was,”…I’ll make my own happily ever after.” I loved this line and the film. (I have watched it again since.)
After this DVD, I watched “City of angels,” which I never get bored with of. Miley joined me at this point.
While watching the films, I had a scented candle going.

Although I still make sure I have a self-care for either a weekend, or a day as in this case, each month, my self-care is improving this year. I am aware if I need to spray a certain perfume that relaxes me. I also do tai-chi every day for half an hour to an hour, (mostly an hour now,) using one of my DVD’s, from my growing collection. I have mostly done this every day without fail, but on the odd days I did not do it, as I shared before in a past post, I have missed it, so I seemed to have found the right exercise for me.
Although I don’t do Pilates regular now, I still do the important stretches that will help prevent injuries I’ve known to have had in the past, hence why I started Pilates in the first place. I will know about if I don’t do them. The only other I need to get back into, is the exercises that will help with strengthening of my knee and ankle that I had to do when I had physio one time. I know tai-chi will also help with this, but those exercises are important too.

Looking at low-impact exercises

With the possibility of one day hopefully living in a one bedroom flat, I have been looking at low-impact exercises I can do. I did not want to being doing Zumba or any other kind of exercise similar and find the neighbour below were being disturbed by thumping noises of me dancing to it. This has happened in the past, except he wasn’t annoyed, he was smiling as he talked about it and wondered what was going on, when I was moving out. I had a Wii fit at the time then and I never thought about the disturbances I may cause, while dancing away. Also, I am heavy footed when walking about, which tends to be my right leg that does this. (The slightly weaker side.) So there will no energetic type of exercises when I’m one day living in a flat.

I already do Pilates and I realised why not get back into Tai Chi. Last year, I did look at some Tai Chi DVD’s and I remember there was one that caught my eye, so in January, I decided to treat myself. Here they are. I also have another one of his DVD’s called “Tai Chi Fit To Go,” that I am yet to try out as this post goes to air.

Tai Chi Fit - 'Strength' and 'Flow' DVD's.

It was years ago when I last did Tai Chi. (My late teens.) I came across some Chinese guy on TV in the late hours and wondered what the hell he was doing. This was my first seeing of Tai Chi and once I realised and watched for a while, I had a go and I discovered it was harder than it looked. Soon, I was waiting for him to come on every week to follow along to it and I enjoyed it. One day, he did not appear on TV and I never seen him again.

Back to present, I have these Tai Chit Fit DVD’s; ‘Strength’ and ‘Flow.’ (And also ‘To Go.’) I looked this guy up on You Tube after coming across him on Amazon first, just to see if I would get an idea of being able to follow him and whether I would enjoy it. It seemed to me I would. After trying them, I find that these were the right DVD’s for me and really enjoyable. It is like having your own instructor in your living room and since I have started doing Tai Chi with these DVD’s, there has only been a couple of days where I have not done any, but I missed it.