More of my moodles

I have found I don’t moodle in any particular order from this book, instead I look through and start to moodle where I feel inspired.


Here are more of my moodles I have been doing from this book, over the last couple of weeks. 🙂


Do you have this moodle book? How do you find it? 🙂



My moodles

So as you know recently, one of my books I purchased was this one.


I am going to share a few pages of what I have done so far, from this book. What I learnt though, was not to use sharpie pens, as they leak through. So gel pens from now on.


I decided after doing this last one with my eyes closed, to colour it in after.

Doodle and Mindfulness

I have bought four books recently, from Amazon. Two of them are doodling books and the other two are mindfulness books, although doodling books fall under mindfulness too. (My opinion.)

My doodle books.


My mindfulness books.


I am going to be in doodle heaven, but although they are not meant to be, I may find a challenge at times. But all good to get me inspired and my brain in a different mental gear.

The mindfulness books in the last photo will be a challenge too, as one gets me thinking and the other a motivation to try what is in the book. The book, “Start where you are,” from flicking through, will give me some self-awareness, maybe help with self-esteem, because of this book being a self-reflection type book.

The coming months ahead, as I dip in and out of these books will be interesting.

Book review: “Mindfulness for everyday living,” by Christopher Titmuss.

This is a guide as the title says, mindfulness for everyday living. By focusing on the present, we can teach ourselves to appreciate what is going on around us. To become happier and calmer, without the constant anxiety caused by worrying about the past or the future. By practising the Buddhist art of mindfulness, we can experience life on a different level.
This book brings an introduction to the basic principles of mindfulness and the benefits it can bring. There are exercises to try throughout the book, that can be used in your daily life and helpful advice on dealing with emotional issues, arguments and relationships.

The first time you read this book I suggest you read it all, then go back to where you feel it is useful for you. It is certainly a book that you can refer back to, because mindfulness is something that has to be worked on. It is not something that you can easily pick up on in a week.
Now I have read the book throughout, I will certainly go back and read parts of it that are helpful for me.

Contents of this book:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Mindfulness of Energy
  • Mindfulness of Activities
  • Mindfulness of Inner Life
  • Mindfulness of Five Precepts, Seven Ways for Inner Change
  • Mindfulness of Spiritual Experiences

For those that already have some experience of mindfulness in some way, you will be familiar with some of the things it talks about in the book, like relaxation breathing exercises. There is still something to learn though, from this book and I learnt a lot. It is a book that will remain on my bookshelf, to keep referring back to.

What I did on my, ‘Me Time.’

I loved having my ‘Me Time,’ recently. First thing that morning, I did find it surprisingly strange not to check my mobile phone, but lovely at the same time. I had breakfast at a local shop not far from my hairdressers, as I had an appointment there that morning. While there, I just watched the world go by.
After my hairdressers, I leisurely strolled in town and called into a couple of shops. I ended up booking a lesson for the following week in crochet. This will be something new for me as I have never tried crochet before. I do have a friend who will show me and if she is reading this, I am still happy for you to show me. I have also bought a book on crochet and later that day, I practised a couple of basics. I think I could get into this. 🙂

On my ‘Me Time,’ day, I also coloured in some mandala’s on my free 2017 calendar I received with my crochet magazine, read a bit, painted my nails, which I have not done for a long time and watched some of Walking Dead Season 6, while Miley, (cat) was enjoying giving me a cuddle. 🙂

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‘Me time’

I have talked about a little, (I think,) regarding me time. Not a whole topic on the subject, but maybe a little somewhere here on my blog. If not here, then possibly on other blogs when chatting about me time. Until now.

I think a person should at least give themselves 10 minutes a little ‘me ‘time,’ if pushed for time. But if you can a little longer, than all the better. When having a little ‘me time,’ turn off the phone and keep away from the computer and any other gadgets connected to the web and do a little something for you. This can be anything from that soak in the bath, with no distraction. (Handy if you are a busy mum.) Listening to music, a walk in the park, gardening, listening to music, or crafting to name a few. For each and every one of us, ‘me time,’ of some kind will be beneficial.

I have known to have ‘me time,’ but without turning of the phone, or the computer in the past. So yes, I hold my hand up to this, that what I say here and do have been a little different. But one time, I remember when I went on holiday and turning of my phone for undisturbed me time holiday, it was just impossible, because I knew someone would be worried about me if they did not hear from me. So I agreed I would contact them at night before having my dinner at the hotel. When I turn on my phone to do that, I find they are already panicky texts because I did not reply earlier. I did tell them I would not be answering all day while on holiday. What part did they not get? If mobile phones had not existed, just how would they have got hold of me? Simple. They wouldn’t have been able to.
Next year, I have booked two weekend holidays. The first one will be in February and I plan to tell people I am no way texting till I am back home. I seriously want my alone time. The other is in May and whether I will want to do he same then, I don’t know. Until then, I plan to have a ‘me time’ this Saturday. Again, I will warn prior, I will not be on Facebook, internet, phone for that whole day. I am having my quiet time, when back home from hairdressers and maybe have lunch out. I plan to motivate myself and paint my nails, while listening to some music. Maybe later, watch a film, before seeing what is on tv. Food wise at night, while in front of the tv, I just have not decided on. I am going with the flow.

Self Soothing ; Coping with Anxiety and Depression




.Self soothing and having a variety of coping methods for anxiety is an important part of surviving life in this world. Some children are guided to learn these things, while others are not. If you grew up with parents that were neglectful or abusive, then you most likely grew up with no self soothing skills. 


Everyone has anxiety and stress to deal with, but some people end up with anxiety disorders that overpower their lives, and their ability to interact with others in stressful environments.


If you never learned coping skills for anxiety growing up, then you can still find methods that will work for you. 


If you suffer from depression and anxiety, then you need to be able to self sooth. You need to find special methods that work for you. Everyone is unique and not all coping skills work for all people.

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The Mummy Break Challenge: Are You Game? — Lucy At Home

I wanted to share this with my readers, because being Mum’s, you deserve to look after yourself too and it does not have to cost money. You don’t have to feel guilty taking a little time out for yourself and you will feel better for it too, which helps you to continue doing what you do as a Mum.

I recently read a post on a fellow bloggers site about taking a mummy break. Michal, of, rightly spoke about the importance of mummies taking time out for themselves, and made a lovely list of possible things to do. But as I scanned down the list, I had the awful realisation that I haven’t done any of these activities in a long time (like, years!) Why Haven’t I Had A Mummy Break? It’s not a difficult question to answer. In fact I can answer it in 1 word: GUILT! Self-inflicted guilt. I feel guilty about spending money on myself. There might be an unexpected bill later on. I feel guilty about using my time for myself. There are chores to be done. I feel guilty about wanting some space for myself. Surely a mummy should love having her kids…

Source: The Mummy Break Challenge: Are You Game? — Lucy At Home

My garden

Gardening is good for wellbeing and where I live, I wouldn’t say I have a garden, it is more like a yard. But when those weeds are growing through cracks in my concrete, from inside my home, when looking at my yard, it looks like a garden for the wrong reasons. 😀

Through recent Virtual Coffee posts, I have been talking about how I need to be in the garden because of problems I have been having since surgery with my tooth. (It will take 6 to 12 months healing.)
Being in the garden will take my mind off the discomfort I am having at times and the worry for the concern of the next stage I am to have and then when it is all done, whether it was successful or not. I know that being in the garden will also make me relax. But as you can see, it is not private, or inviting.



I did look into a 6ft fence, but it was expensive and because I rent, I wasn’t going to pay that. When I was gutted because of price, I realised that I was looking forward to do something with this yard and it was distracting me away from other things. So I knew I needed to still do this. So I looked into alternative solutions that I could have along my boundary to make it feel private, but not permanent.

As this post airs, I have quite a few definite things that will go into my garden and a couple of things I will buy to put along my boundary. Once these are in place, it will be easier where else I go from there along the boundary, because I have to make sure a small sewer drain is accessible, should it ever need to be.

Before I bought and put along my boundary fence that I plan to do, the first thing I needed to do was at least get the slatted fence repaired. On closer inspection, it wasn’t worth repairing though, so I arranged with my handyman to replace it for me. I think he has done a good job and I am happy with it. He also patched up the holes in the concrete where the weeds were growing through.


The next is to paint all of my side of the fence, before things go up along side it. I hope to get this done by Sunday, weather permitting.

My old blog I used to write, I used to share my garden progress there and heard from quite a few people how they enjoyed following it, so as this one progresses, I will share this garden with you too. 🙂