From Grouchy to Happy in Just Half a Day

As you know from my post, “Learning to like honey” I have not been well. I ended up going back to the doctors about the annoying cough and the pain it has caused me all down my left side. I was checked well and it was agreed that antibiotics and steroids were needed. By 3 days in, I was having what I considered to be a good day. I was feeling back to my happy chappy self and then before the night was over, while at a store to pick up a few light items, the pain shot in my side out of no where. I only had 1 item at this point and I was taking my time just walking slowly and enjoying just browsing until it happened. I was so glad to get home as I felt sick from it. I was at crying point, but I actually could not cry. Walking was very, very slow, after this pain that came on.
Back home, I had a hot bath. No help. 😦
I applied a pain-killing gel. No help. 😦


After only 4 hours sleep and still in agony yesterday morning, I tried my Spiky Ball. No help. In fact it made it worse.
I was desperate, still at crying point but I could not cry. I decided then to try some very gentle Pilates stretches. It helped, but only for 5 minutes. I decided not to take paracetamol that morning and wait till I got something a little stronger. So I set off earlier than planned to the next town to sort myself out before meeting up with my mum. I bought Paracetamol Extra and a wheat bag for heating up the microwave later on when back home. But as I was out for most of the day, I needed something sooner to warm my side up and so I queried about those stick on heat pads, to see if I would be ok using one with applying pain-killing gel last night and yesterday morning and also because of me being on steroids that I have never had before and antibiotics I informed them of and why taking them. It turned out I was ok to use them thankfully. Slowly, I made my way back in the shopping centre and to the public toilets to apply the patch on my top, on the worst affected part.
As soon as you open one, the heat starts to slowly activate and it gets warmer until it is at its warmest by half an hour. After an hour wearing it on my top, (you don’t apply these directly to your skin,) I could feel it was helping. It was a godsend. 🙂

Grouchy to Happy

By the afternoon, I had gone from grouchy to happy. Yes, I was still in pain, but this patch was bloody lovely and really helped to ease it. I was so relieved and I totally recommend them. 😀
My patch wasn’t a branded name, but it was just as good as a branded one that a relative once used and could not stop talking about. I remember all those years ago wondering what the big fuss was over a small patch, but now I understand, because I am raving about this too. 🙂
I could only wear the patch for a max of 12 hours. If you need to, then take it off earlier. I was intending to wear this to the max, but I had to take it off an hour before. It carries on being warm for the next hours on the site where you had it for the next 12 hours it says on the box, giving you a total of 24 hours relief. As I write this post, I have surprisingly only had 3 hours sleep and my side is still feeling lovely and warm. I felt I had more sleep than that. I hope to get a bit more sleep, after I air this post. Steroids can keep you awake, I have read, which also explains another sleepless night when it was a good one of no coughing. :/

This morning

I was awake early hours of this morning because I felt nauseous and I suspected it was wind doing this. I walked around a bit and made myself a camomile drink before deciding to sit up and get my laptop out to write this post. (It turned out it was the wind, as I suspected.)
Prior to this, I was reading other people’s blogs and chatting there, as well as chatting to a new follower of my blog, which I have now followed hers and been chatting there. The morning has passed by pretty quickly. 🙂 But I shall try and get another couple of hours kip, after I have finished my drink, before finally getting up.
It will be last of my steroids later this morning and I have a few days left of the antibiotics.

Goodnight, or morning as in my case, but night, night as I go back to bed soon. 🙂


Self-care day

One Sunday last month, I had a day just for myself. (Me time.) Although I do not have this box I created, which I talked about last August, in a Chit-Chat post, I still do have ‘me time.’ This can still be over a weekend, or as last month, just for the day. The things that were in my box originally, I still have some of those things and they are still used for whenever I want to feel like I am having a little pamper, or for relaxation. I have just put them when with my other toiletries, to save space.
When I had my self-care day, I stayed indoors with it cold outside. (I felt lazy to go out.) Although I wasn’t tech free, it was limited. I only used the internet that morning to send a couple of messages after I had my breakfast. I did not plan a schedule as in times for my day, as I just went with the flow, but I had in mind what I wanted to do. This was what I had planned:

  • Tai-Chi for about an hour.
  • Clean bathroom. (Yes, I did say that. I used mindfulness as I did this.)
  • Watch two films on DVD; “All Of My Heart” and “City of Angels.”
  • Cuddle from Miley, my cat.
  • 9.30pm to 10pm, go to bed.

Tai chi-Chi I did in the morning following mindfully cleaning the bathroom. I then did my lunch.

I watched the film, “All of my heart” in the late afternoon, which I bought from Amazon after a friend chatted to me about it. She told me of a particular line in the film and thought of me after reading this post; “You don’t always know,” where I talked about never being intimate with a man again. The line that a character said in the film, which I liked was,”…I’ll make my own happily ever after.” I loved this line and the film. (I have watched it again since.)
After this DVD, I watched “City of angels,” which I never get bored with of. Miley joined me at this point.
While watching the films, I had a scented candle going.

Although I still make sure I have a self-care for either a weekend, or a day as in this case, each month, my self-care is improving this year. I am aware if I need to spray a certain perfume that relaxes me. I also do tai-chi every day for half an hour to an hour, (mostly an hour now,) using one of my DVD’s, from my growing collection. I have mostly done this every day without fail, but on the odd days I did not do it, as I shared before in a past post, I have missed it, so I seemed to have found the right exercise for me.
Although I don’t do Pilates regular now, I still do the important stretches that will help prevent injuries I’ve known to have had in the past, hence why I started Pilates in the first place. I will know about if I don’t do them. The only other I need to get back into, is the exercises that will help with strengthening of my knee and ankle that I had to do when I had physio one time. I know tai-chi will also help with this, but those exercises are important too.

My bullet journal

I said in my first post, “First chit-chat of 2018” that I would share my bullet-journal sometime in February. So here it is. 🙂

Below, is my Mood Tracker for 2017. It is colour coded to show my moods. There have been days where I had been feeling different things, hence the different colours in the squares.

My colour coding I use and their possible meanings, when I use that colour that day:

  • Red is for – angry, frustrated, annoyed, anxious, or grumpy.
  • Orange is for – average, normal, or uneventful.
  • Brown is for – sick, tired, lazy, lethargic, unmotivated, or exhausted.
  • Green is for – productive, alive, active, energetic, or focused.
  • Blue is for – sad lonely, depressed, insecure, down, or numb.
  • Purple is for – unsure, or disassociated.
  • Yellow is for – joyful, happy, fulfilled, content, satisfied, or good.

Mood Tracker 2017

Here is my Mood Tracker for 2018. What a difference, since being in my new job. 🙂 I use the same colour coding, as before. I think this is great to use if you want to monitor your moods when suffering from depression, anxiety etc…

Mood Tracker 2018

Below, where I share another two pages from my bullet-journal, shows a quote, “There is nothing like a good book, to escape into” and my reading book list. The books where I have written the titles, I have either these books already, or that are on my wish list. My wish list is marked by a * with an arrow pointing downwards, on the book. This is the only book I plan to buy and read one day, which will stay on my bookshelf.
Where I have an x in the box on my book, means I have read it and where there is / means I’m currently reading.
Quote and my bookshelf

This page in photo below from my journal, shows self-care ideas I discovered.

Self Care ideas

Another two pages from my journal below, which apologies for picture of the dog not showing clearly. (This was from my flash, with paper being glossy.) I just cut the dog picture out of a magazine and glued in my journal. I used glitter tape to frame the picture of the dog.
The other page shows a quote, “Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.”

Another couple pages of my journal

I put this compliment and reminder from a reader of my blog, inside my journal. Ren left this on my last blog post last year and I put this in my journal, as I felt I needed this reminder at the time to look at while away from blogging. “You got this, Liz! You are a good person and you know it. Do you tell yourself, out loud, of all your accomplishments? Of how proud you are of yourself? What a beautiful being you ARE? I great compliment goes a long way.”

Compliment from a reader of my blog

This journal two-page spread shows my goals, in a way I can see easy at a glance.

Goals page of my journal

I need to know how to draw a banner and so I copied the instructions into my journal for reference.

How to draw a banner

I used a banner to label my “DVD’s I’d like to watch” page of my journal. Symbols I used here, were a tick if I watched it. A * meant it was on my wish list. (Some I have bought already.) A x meant I didn’t watch it. This symbol was added after I realised that the DVD I could not watch, did not have subtitles.

DVD's I'd like to watch

I also wrote my “Personal achievements of 2017,” in my journal.

My Journal Case

My journal case I bought after discovering this via another blog many months ago. I can’t remember the blog now. But after she shared it and said how useful it was to her, showing photos, I knew this would be handy for me too. This wasn’t a UK product and so I had to wait a little to receive it. But I am so happy with it and it was a good buy. I have had this for many months now. It was available on Amazon com, but after finding it via there, I searched on UK one and found it. It did not really take long as I thought it would to arrive. It’s good quality and hold quite a lot.

Outside of my journal caseInside of my journal case 1Inside of my journal case 2Inside of my journal case 3

Another D.I.Y. retreat. (With sadness.)

I had another D.I.Y. retreat, last Saturday to Sunday, to give myself some self-care and timeout after issues at work, the PIP assessment that I worked myself up over prior and in preparation for when I had my extraction on my tooth. I allowed myself access to technology this time, but it was limited and my mobile phone remained on, in case of emergencies.

My menu was how I originally planned it, before I knew I was going to do one and although I had a schedule for the two days, I did not plan it out into too much details as in regards to the time for everything.

Saturday schedule

  • Breakfast – 8.30am
  • Read a book for an hour or so. (10 mins on internet)
  • “Dance That Walk Cardio Party” DVD – 10.30am (an hour)
  • Lunch – 12.30
  • DVD: “Don’t be afraid of the dark,” followed by reflect and then relax with a book till dinner.
  • Dinner – 6.30pm
  • Relax in bath before bed, at 9pm. (I also used one of my face masks at this point, while in bath.)

Saturday menu

  • Cereals at breakfast
  • Lunchtime: Quorn balls with tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas and mixed veg. (Serve what I need and separate the rest into portions to freeze later when cool.)
  • Sardine sandwich at dinner


Sunday schedule

  • Breakfast – 8.30am (I stayed in bed till 9.30am, so breakfast was about 10am.)
  • Free time in, or out.
  • Lunch 12.30
  • DVD: “Exit Wounds.”

My Sunday schedule then stopped, because I was heartbroken. I seen on my timeline about a couple that died in Meden Vale, but names had not been announced. After looking online at my local paper, the names were announced; Sandra and Michael Dangerfield. They were apparently died at the scene, after a collision with a car. I am devastated. A good friend of mine took me to where flowers had already been laid, as in the news link above. I had to see for myself. There was a photo of them both with someone else. This confirmed for me they had both gone. They were taken too soon and I hope the investigation going on uncovers what happened there.

When I arrived home, I just spent a bit of time on Facebook, while having a scented candle lit and mugs of tea.

Sunday menu

  • Cereals at breakfast
  • Jacket potato with parsnip and veg, for lunch.
  • Just a scone I could stomach and a few mugs of tea, due to above mentioned.



Chit-chat – October


I received my certificate for Health Care (Foundation) with BSY, near the end of September, which I received ‘High Merit’ for. As for my other home study; pet sitting course, I took a break from studying to feel refreshed after the effort I put in with the two courses at BSY, now finished as you know, except for still sticking my head in books to help with my theory test and learning to drive. By the way, if you have not already seen this post; Theory test; attempt 2, I passed and my driving lessons are in November.

My hand

I have nothing to report about my hand much, as I am having a problem trying to get an appointment at the moment with the doctor, to see about results. I still have pain, but it has eased a bit, but it can still catch me out. I still use my pain-killing gel and take paracetamol. I have limited to how I use my hand, like making sure I don’t put any exertion on it, which I think has helped too in reducing pain.

My tooth

My tooth that has been a long wait for to have extracted, is on the 17th October.
When I have been taking paracetamol, it has not only helped my hand, it has also helped to reduce the pain on this too. It is very tender to touch around the right hand side of my face, near my nose. The pain or discomfort seems to transfer to my cheek bone at times too. I will be glad when it comes out. I have felt nausea at times this past fortnight and I am wondering if it’s the abscess that is making me feel like this.


PIP assessment is this week and I am hoping this time they don’t cancel, because if I arrive there to find it has like last time, I will write a written complaint. Not that I will forget the last time at this weeks assessment, as I shall raise it there at the appropriate moment.

The job front

I will be glued to my email inbox to see if I hear from either of the cleaning jobs I applied for. One of them does not have a closing date, but the other does, which was last Friday. If I am lucky to hear from them, 48 hours before interview day, then the interview will fall this Friday.

To stay where I am at the moment

As you know from my last chit-chat, I had extra worry when I heard my rent was going up, while making my way to my PIP assessment. The extra worry on top of losing PIP, made me feel sick. After chatting with the person who manages the property on behalf of the landlord, I felt happier and a little reassured. So it has taken a little pressure off. As tempting as I want to move from the area now, I did not want to do it while I have my cat Miley. So as I continue to live here for how ever long I have Miley, I don’t want to move until I am ready to downsize, because the type of property I would want, I would not be allowed a cat. But if it turns out I did not get anywhere with this job and I heard from the other one which is local, then moving out of the area would be rather a stupid idea, as I could walk to it and so if this happened, then I would downsize to a property in my local area, if possible, when the time came. Wherever my next move would be in the future, I will be picky.

Finding the balance

The urge to move out of my area, I don’t think helped with how I was through other stresses I had, that I have blogged about in past posts, that affected my moods and how I was feeling. Although I still have the urge to live in another area, it is not as strong as it was. I think if I am in a better job, everything would follow on ok and everything else would balance out. I have seen this, while I am lucky for it to be calm at my workplace and making sure I have my time out moments like I did on my D.I.Y. retreat.

I also learnt after my retreat, that I need to make sure I don’t drink too many lattes when out and about, (unless it is the decaf kind) because know that having more caffeinated drinks than I usually would when out, does not help my anxiety.
Looking back after my D.I.Y. retreat, I am aware before leading up to that, that I was drinking a lot of lattes more than normal which became my comforter drink. When I felt tired, down and stressed, I would make my way out for that smooth latte from my favourite place. I can remember that every sip I drank, I enjoyed, but I also remember how I felt comforted, which replaced sweet food. Either not good, when you have too much. I am surprised I did no give myself a migraine, (or bad headache) and nausea with how many I had a week. So now, when I go out, latte I still have, but depending on how many I have already that day, or that week, it may not always be my first choice.

I have taken timeout this weekend. Not a set schedule like the D.I.Y. retreat, but still doing something.
Saturday morning, after feeding Miley and having my breakfast, I read a book, then I went out to a coffee and cake morning that a local shop was having to raise money for Macmillan. I met my mum there and while there, I browsed the handmade gifts in the store. I bought something for myself and the other was towards a Christmas present, to go with something else I bought earlier on in the year. Me and my mum then walked back to mine and chatted back at mine for a couple of hours over further decaf tea and decaf coffee.
When my mum decided she was going to leave, to make her way back home, I decided to make my way to Nottingham for a bit. This was to do some Christmas shopping while I had the money, while soaking up the atmosphere. I was just down there for a couple of hours, before coming back home to have my dinner, then I relaxed with book.
Sunday, after my breakfast and feeding Miley, I continued reading my book while the washer was on. Basically just having a lazy day and nothing else planned.

My D.I.Y. Retreat Reflection Post

Since I have written this post, ready for schedule, some things have now changed after recent events. Please read till the end of the post and the writing in blue is my update. 

So these are my reflections I had during and after my D.I.Y. Retreat.

  • To not be hasty in choices where I live, no matter how desperate I may feel at times. I have always said downstairs flat, so I must not choose a studio flat, just because it was the only option going in a preferred area to live.
  • I may have to learn I won’t get the area I want to live in and so I may need to decide on another area not as far away, which has plenty of choices. But will it be ok and far enough away for me, from where I currently live? (Carry on reading this post, for my answer to this question.)
    Also deciding on this area may be better job wise, if I was to get a job in this area.
  • I need to try to stick it out where I live, while I have Miley and not move unless I really have to. I don’t want to stress her out. (It took her a month to like and settle in where I currently live.)

So what can I do to try to make it bearable, where I live?

  • Maybe start travelling to the next town that has more choices to live. I know the area to a certain extent, but I’m just not a regular there, so I need to start going that way for things I need. I can then hopefully see whether I could imagine myself living in that area, or not.
    When I pop out for lunch, rather than doing it in my area, go that way instead.
  • Although I hope to not be moving yet, I shall window shop places available and go that way to look from the outside, to just to walk round that area. By doing this, I can imagine if I could live there and imagine what it would be like when walking home there, in the dark. When the time comes to choosing and looking for real, I will know what I like and what I don’t.
  • When I feel really overwhelmed, as I did recently before my retreat, I need to make sure I take time out to pamper me. If I can’t do it over a weekend like I did this time, then at least a day. I know this is easier said then done though, after that trigger. But hopefully I can do it and be aware.

I still want to leave the area for the same reasons of living somewhere new, but the added pressure that was getting to me was knowing my rent was going up, on top of going through PIP, with DLA stopping and going to PIP and so money worries, until I am sorted job wise of some kind.
Now although my rent is going up and so there is a little added pressure still there because of the PIP worries, there is also a little pressure and concern taken off. After I seen the person who manages the properties on behalf of landlords, I did mention to him that I would have to start looking sooner than I like, if I find my rent goes up again next year. The bloke was great with me and said that if the landlord next year wanted to put the rent up again, he will warn the landlord that I will leave. He promised me it would not go up again after this time and he would not want to see me homeless. So I felt relaxed and reassured by this.
Ever since I have been in this current property, I have been really happy with who I rent with and he is happy with me. He knows I look after the property well and that I am a good tenant, so he is happy with that.

I also know when it comes to downsizing later, when Miley is no longer with me and a place where I can park a car, when the time comes, I know I can stay with this company and choose one of their available properties.