Chit-chat and Sharpie Sunday entwined

I thought this post would be a chit-chat and a Sunday Sharpie entwined. Enjoy the read. 🙂

My eyes

I had an appointment at my opticians for another eye test, after finding I could not quite read a full number plate at 20 meters, when I had my assessment with a new driving school I plan to have further lessons with.
Now those who will have followed this blog for some time, will know I had one back in March, in preparation before first starting my driving lessons, as I knew I needed reaction type glasses to help reduce glare and sunlight. This was so I hoped to avoid buying glasses twice in one year, by getting it sorted now, instead of when my test was due. But by the looks of it, I have not managed to avoid this, after discovering I could not quite read a car number plate at 20 meters.
It was only a slight difference I was having, hence this either being missed some how, or my eyes had changed again, slightly. I was finding Q looked like an O for example and what ever was the last three letters on back of a car I failed to read at my assessment. So I needed to check this out, as I did not want to fail my driving test before I even started.
When it came to my eye test, they found there was no change; I met the standard without glasses for driving and with the test with my glasses that was ok too and so I should be able to read a number plate at 20 meters. (I did mention though while looking at the letters with my glasses that although I knew it was an F, the F only looked like one stick sticking out and F was not clear.) After discussing how this 20 meter test was done, it was suggested  the instructor next time does it the proper way as it would be done at an actual driving test, in case any factors affected me reading the number plate how he did it, like glare for example. (Although I did not feel I had any glare.) If I was to find there were still problems, then to come back.


I could not resist and I did start my new course with Stonebridge. Like any course, the more you put in and the more you get out. This course will not be completed as quickly as my courses elsewhere, as I can see there is a lot of work going into this, before I start each of my assignments, to help me do my best and prepare for each assignment.
It’s early days, but I like what I see and I have a lot of enthusiasm brewing and coming out for this course. I am going to be studying on average 10 hours a week, over 5 days, but I am going to have to make sure I do not get too carried away at any point and take my breaks.

My other remaining course I have with BSY where I am near towards the end of, when I last talked about it in a post, I got wrong with how many posts there were left to do. I was thinking there were only 5 lessons in this one, but there were 6. Lesson 4 which I not long received, I received a ‘High Merit” for that one and same again for Lesson 5. By the time this goes to air, I will probably already be working on the final one.

New things

My above course is another new thing for this year of many, but the other new experience that has been challenging, is learning to drive. Finding the manual too stressful as you know and my confidence knocked at the end, I was still not one to give up on driving regardless how I felt. The change is just that it will be in an automatic car instead, as revealed earlier.
This post, “How to deal with starting new things,” over at “Minding Anxiety,” has been an inspiration, by finding the positives out of something new, which in this case, is learning to drive for this sharpie inspired drawing.

sharpie drawing showing my benefits of driving a car


I decided to continue with my LinkedIn profile and put it on air, since this post; “Chit chat: Has anyone found LinkedIn useful?” where I asked for your opinions on it. Thank you for your input in how you found it. I am obviously not going to be sharing my link here to LinkedIn, with my profile having nothing to do with my blog. See what happens down the line, as to whether I discover new opportunities and I will update it accordingly while continuing to work on the path I have currently chosen.

There will always be an introvert in me

There will always be an introvert in me and I like that. That is me. It’s not going to change completely, as it has been there all my life. Don’t get me wrong, because you are not an introvert yourself, I enjoy other people’s company, but when I am out a lot, spreading myself here, spreading myself there and appearing spreading myself regular in one place that I don’t feel I can spread myself in another, then my introvert wants to come out to play, big time.
The more I am pushed to join in with something, or go somewhere, then also rebel will like to play too. (Although rebel below, is not looking like a rebel.)

Rebel likes to sit with arms over chest and refuses to move off the settee, with the curtains closed.

I need my space to energise, to be me and to switch off. If I don’t, I can explode with the pressure and you don’t really want to see me when I am like that.


I also can burn out if I don’t have the time to myself, to enjoy quiet time alone.


So if you know an introvert who needs to prepare how they spread themselves and also for their quality me-time, then let them have it. They are not being shy, or selfish they need to re-charge.

I love this page I found today with illustrations that show what it is like in an introverts head.