From Grouchy to Happy in Just Half a Day

As you know from my post, “Learning to like honey” I have not been well. I ended up going back to the doctors about the annoying cough and the pain it has caused me all down my left side. I was checked well and it was agreed that antibiotics and steroids were needed. By 3 days in, I was having what I considered to be a good day. I was feeling back to my happy chappy self and then before the night was over, while at a store to pick up a few light items, the pain shot in my side out of no where. I only had 1 item at this point and I was taking my time just walking slowly and enjoying just browsing until it happened. I was so glad to get home as I felt sick from it. I was at crying point, but I actually could not cry. Walking was very, very slow, after this pain that came on.
Back home, I had a hot bath. No help. 😦
I applied a pain-killing gel. No help. 😦


After only 4 hours sleep and still in agony yesterday morning, I tried my Spiky Ball. No help. In fact it made it worse.
I was desperate, still at crying point but I could not cry. I decided then to try some very gentle Pilates stretches. It helped, but only for 5 minutes. I decided not to take paracetamol that morning and wait till I got something a little stronger. So I set off earlier than planned to the next town to sort myself out before meeting up with my mum. I bought Paracetamol Extra and a wheat bag for heating up the microwave later on when back home. But as I was out for most of the day, I needed something sooner to warm my side up and so I queried about those stick on heat pads, to see if I would be ok using one with applying pain-killing gel last night and yesterday morning and also because of me being on steroids that I have never had before and antibiotics I informed them of and why taking them. It turned out I was ok to use them thankfully. Slowly, I made my way back in the shopping centre and to the public toilets to apply the patch on my top, on the worst affected part.
As soon as you open one, the heat starts to slowly activate and it gets warmer until it is at its warmest by half an hour. After an hour wearing it on my top, (you don’t apply these directly to your skin,) I could feel it was helping. It was a godsend. 🙂

Grouchy to Happy

By the afternoon, I had gone from grouchy to happy. Yes, I was still in pain, but this patch was bloody lovely and really helped to ease it. I was so relieved and I totally recommend them. 😀
My patch wasn’t a branded name, but it was just as good as a branded one that a relative once used and could not stop talking about. I remember all those years ago wondering what the big fuss was over a small patch, but now I understand, because I am raving about this too. 🙂
I could only wear the patch for a max of 12 hours. If you need to, then take it off earlier. I was intending to wear this to the max, but I had to take it off an hour before. It carries on being warm for the next hours on the site where you had it for the next 12 hours it says on the box, giving you a total of 24 hours relief. As I write this post, I have surprisingly only had 3 hours sleep and my side is still feeling lovely and warm. I felt I had more sleep than that. I hope to get a bit more sleep, after I air this post. Steroids can keep you awake, I have read, which also explains another sleepless night when it was a good one of no coughing. :/

This morning

I was awake early hours of this morning because I felt nauseous and I suspected it was wind doing this. I walked around a bit and made myself a camomile drink before deciding to sit up and get my laptop out to write this post. (It turned out it was the wind, as I suspected.)
Prior to this, I was reading other people’s blogs and chatting there, as well as chatting to a new follower of my blog, which I have now followed hers and been chatting there. The morning has passed by pretty quickly. 🙂 But I shall try and get another couple of hours kip, after I have finished my drink, before finally getting up.
It will be last of my steroids later this morning and I have a few days left of the antibiotics.

Goodnight, or morning as in my case, but night, night as I go back to bed soon. 🙂

Bedtime and Health Revamp Update

In the short time I revamped the way I sleep and prior to that, the results have been quick. It did not take long for me to settle in bed by avoiding using bright screens like my laptop and iPad for example a couple of hours at least before bed.
I have also recently bought a new bedside clock from a deaf company, where I can now sleep with an unlit display. Having this clock has certainly made it feel better for me in my bedroom. I only have my fire alert that emits a light, but it has not bothered me as I thought it would.

My rash I was suffering with has almost gone, so it has calmed down quicker than expected. I just have a flare up on one side of my neck.

From not wearing fleecy nightwear, I have noticed a difference in how I don’t get overheated at times. Also, with me finding I am sleeping better at night, I assume this has contributed to me sleeping well at night, as well as omitting unnecessary light.


Bedtime and Health Revamp


Although I have not revealed here, over the past few months I have been having bad sleep problems. Some were lasting the odd days to a few days, where I had insufficient quality of  sleep. I put my lack of sleep down due to the upset with the dentist experience I had and maybe worrying about it.
Lack of sleep makes me feel tired, grouchy on myself and it can make me feel low, or fed up. My motivations levels can drop and I can eventually start to eat unhealthily, which you will remember in one of my earlier posts, I did reveal me slipping up in that area and I have again, today. So I need to get myself sorted here and remind myself why I do this and the benefits for me.

Those who I chat with via Facebook quite regular, may find that I will not be on at night most times now, because I want that hour or two away from any bright screen, to allow myself to settle for bed. I have already been doing it at times and I have noticed the difference on those days. (I will also stop myself going on very late at night there, or browsing the web in general on bad sleep days and find my alternative that will be better to aid sleep.) I will answer any FB messages in the morning if I have time. If it is important and you know my mobile number, then it advisable to text and I will answer back when I can.


On top of this, my contact dermatitis I had under control has started flaring up and a rash has now started going up my lower part of my arms. So I am trying to control this.

My hands, I have started treating them with Betnovate again and I did put some on my arms once, but decided to stop doing this there, because originally it was for my hands and if I was to put it elsewhere on my body I would really need to see my doctor first.
My mum said, I ought to go back to my doctor after seeing it. But I can not just yet, because with my hands, I had been using a different cream and hand wash to my usual and I think this is what has done it. I have thrown it away and carried on using fully what I usually use and although it is very early days, I can see it is starting to look better and it is starting to be less irritating.
As for my arms, I did go back to my previous wash powder, so it could be this, but also the rash on my arms and possibly my hands as well, that I could be suffering from heat rash. (I had it round my neck last week.) I have noticed when I have felt hot and especially with having a cold since middle of last week, (that I am getting over,) my rash got worse when I was hot. To cool down my arms and resist me from scratching, I am using aloe gel, but I also put Tea Tree on today and I have found this especially good on first application. The downside is the smell. I have also read Witch Hazel is good for this, so I think this is something to consider for the future.

Nightwear: Bye bye fleecy pyjamas

As I seem to be having problems with heat rash, I have decided to get rid of my fleecy pyjamas and fleecy dressing gown. This was after reading up how wearing fleecy pyjamas in bed although cosy, it does not allow air to circulate and so when you are sleeping, you could be getting overheated. So I have treated myself to a few new cotton ones, a couple of them being brushed cotton to make it feel cosy.

I will miss my fleecy nightwear, but the heat rash as bad as I am having now, I am trying anything to combat it. It is not pleasant as you will know, if you have suffered it yourself.


Failing, after doing all this and it is not any better, I will go back to my doctor.