Life may be a struggle that I hate January and money-wise this month difficult, but I am determined on certain plans regardless. Even if there is a side of me that is really emotional at times and stressed, which makes me feel like I want to give up, these plans are still happening:

  • Going to Windsor Castle on my birthday.
  • Seeing my friend in Oxford, in June.
  • I refuse to claim Universal Credit regardless of my struggle. They are not going to have the chance to mess me up down the line.
  • To hunt for that second job I need.
  • Not painting my flat originally as planned. If I do paint, it will only be my bedroom walls. Nothing else.
  • When I get that second job, it’s save, save, save!
  • When there is enough in my ISA that I feel happy with, I will look at moving, unless I am lucky to get a council flat before that happens.

The hand that gives, is also the hand that can bite!

As you will know in January, I had enough, if you read this post; Oh, go away January! I mentioned in that post of another issue I was having, the council from the district I left. This post is an update on that issue. I ended up paying it! No surprise there, because I have been reading up that even if the council is at fault, they will still claim back. I have also paid it now on principle, because I found their response even more insulting. They are making out that when I went in November, that I was aware of being paid benefit that I was not entitled to. And that has what has really fucked me off. They have judged me on something I did not say, because I did not know at that time I had been paid. I have took this matter further, as it said in their letter I could do. They also commented that I did not provide the evidence to back up my claim why I should not have been paid. So the follow-up email shows, I hope, how offended I am by their reply. I have told them that I wasn’t aware they were still paying me when I went in November. I did not know they paid me this until I viewed my online banking account in December. I told them I went because I had a new council tax bill and this was what made me wonder if they had not closed it.

This is my email to them, below. I wish I could type you the letter I received from them today, but it was a very long letter. But my reply will highlight what has really got to me.

I am aware there are small typos in my email below, but I have left it like this to show how I responded to the council.

I don’t want any offer of money back, should they offer. Not that I think this would happen. But if they do, I won’t keep it and instead it will go to a charity of my choice. The whole argument I have with this, is that it should not have happened. It has not happened before when I moved in the Ashfield district. So why happen now? This is what I want them to acknowledge. I don’t want anyone else going through this.

Dear Sir//madam

After receiving your letter today, that was dated18th January 2019, I am not happy with your response and now I seek to request  that you take it to the Review Board, as you stated at the end of your letter. Please email me with regards to your Review Board process.

I am not happy with your response to how you make out my email dated 5th October 2018. When i written that email with details of everything required that I was vacating, that was an official notice. It wasn’t a warning what was to come, because this was happening. You were informed that day because i knew the details on that day.

When I came in on 5th November 2018 and made that statement. It wasn’t to inform you I officially left. I was there to complain about it and why it had been ignored. Hence I was asked to write that statement.

I have noticed how the service has slacked over the coming last few months and although I have not complained about that, I wasn’t going to let this one drop.

This what I experience, I have never experienced this before. I have done what i was asked, providing you information on moving in the same fashion as before. Yet this time, this happens. Why? I feel there is a cover up for your mistake and you are trying to pass the buck on me. I don’t like being made out that I am trying to seek extra benefit as if i am frauding.

I have always updated you accordingly and yet made out I was in the wrong.

I wasn’t aware until December that money had gone into my account by you, when viewing my online account. I acted in November on suspicion it had not been closed, because of receiving a new council tax bill.

You say I did not provide extra evidence on 18th January 2019. This was because you already have the evidence, which you have acknowledged in this letter! That email on 5th October 2018 was my official notice i was leaving and it should have been closed by you on 22nd October 2018, my leaving day or before, depending on how you are supposed to act on this information.

When I received that payment, I thought this was some overpayment owed, because around this time, i received council tax refund.

You have not explained why the papers were bundled in no particular order that confused me in November.

You have not explained why again when sending request to pay you back invoice why, you put that together, that it ended up going to old address, instead of new address?

You accept that and you apologise in letter on taking long to act on closing my account. Which if this was acted on in October, on my email received, we would not be having this conversation right now.

After I send this email, I will next pay that amount for the principle on what I say that I don’t con out of the council. The point is what I want acknowledged, which you have partly, but not fully, that you have not acted accordingly in closing my account when you should and that is clearly your fault because you did not close it in October with information supplied.

I do not want tis to happen to other people and I want you to make sure it does not happen to other people.

I will never return back to Ashfield to live for different reasons. But this one will be another that I  shall add to that list of reasons not to return.



Miss Elizabeth Fisher

So it’s the weekend

I don’t know if these posts will become regular thing, because as you know, I did another post like this just last week of the same title. But they may crop up from time to time.

So this weekend has been difficult with the dramas going on this month, that I have blogged about. Fatigue has been a big thing in parts, caused by stress and anxiety from the dramas that started it. One drama ended and another begun, which I look forward to their complaint I sent, because it’s them clearly in the wrong.

This weekend, the fatigue has really hit me. Saturday I thought was difficult, but this morning, I really struggled to get up. I had to get up because I was going to meet a friend. But this ended up being cancelled by my friend. How tempting going back to bed, because of my fatigue. I did not go back to bed though and instead made alternative arrangement’s with myself.
This involved walking and my camera on my phone for the first part. I wanted to recreate an old photo I came across last weekend, while in the library. This is all to with my interest of the history near where I live, as well as where I live.
After recreating that photo to see where original was taken, I took photos of where I live. This is so hopefully, when I further research where I live, I hope to come across photos of how the land looked originally, before the block of flats I live in, were built there. I want to see what it looked like, when it was just the house and land, with this tennis court that used to be there, before the flats I was in. I will talk further on this in a later post.

After I done that, I just went for a walk up the road, observing things and possible businesses I could write to, to see if they have any cleaning vacancies.

I am now in the cafe, after doing a small shop, buying cheese, baked beans and tuns and regardless of my walk, I still feel as fatigued. It’s still tempting to crawl back in bed. But I shan’t, because once I have had my cuppa and dropped off my shopping, I shall walk in the other direction and go into town to use the library.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. My weekend is certainly better than last week, regardless on how I feel.

What are your plans?

Oh, go away January!

It may come as a surprise, or not, that I want January to go. I have had enough!
Now you may have expected this sooner, with the stress I had with Spark Energy. I felt on breaking point the final week I pleaded to communicate with someone higher, until I made contact with a manager.

But as of today, I have really had enough. When one issue gets resolved and it’s wait and, see with them, another issue now crops up.
This time it’s the council from the district I left. I received this morning an invoice to pay them back an overpayment on Housing Benefit. I have been down directly this morning, raising what happened last year and telling them how when I went in November to raise my concern then, of an email in October I sent with regards to my moving part not being acknowledged, that this was supposedly sorted.

I let them know when my tenancy started and when I moving out and in from one property, to another. This same email also notified them of overtime done.

I went in November, because I felt they had not closed down my account and I was proven right. I signed a statement, pointing my out when I originally contacted them and why I was there that day. It was supposed to be sorted. But it’s not, because I have received an invoice for housing they want back, that they say they overpaid. The dates of when they overpaid, they should not have even been paying me. I wasn’t living there, as they already know.

As I have my proof and I know they have it too, because it’s been mentioned both today and when I went last November, they will know they should not be even doing this!

I can’t believe what is happening this month. I have had enough.

Anyone who knows me well, knows how organised I am with paperwork. I even have my emails sent still. I can pull anything out at a question and say, “here you are.”

I am very angry. I am tired. I have had enough.

Does anyone else like to have a go, so I can lock up January with a key?

So since last post regarding Spark Energy

So since last post regarding Spark Energy: So update regarding issues with Spark Energy I finally made contact with a manager. I made contact with her originally on 12th January, but I did not know that then as I passed on my full name, account details and complaint in a DM, on Twitter. I thought I was possibly speaking to another customer advisor, which I did not want and so left a rather ranted message. This manager emailed me the next day in the afternoon, introducing herself and for apologising that the customer advisors never forwarded me to the manager. So I had a reference number for my complaint and she offered £50 goodwill, which would then close my complaint. I accepted the £50, but I also said that I want reassurance also that this will never happen again, because at this point I had lost faith and trust in them, due to what I have experienced. So we discussed my account, the problems I have had, what has been done and what hasn’t.
My account has been updated accordingly, but the historic readings can’t, because of that being my old account that they can’t access, before Spark Energy went into administration, as when it was took over by Ovo, new accounts were created. She reassured me nothing would come up unexpected because of that.

I did not have to, but I felt I should, because I still felt they needed the proof with regards to my gas meter, so I sent a photo of my original reading I taken when I moved my gas to Spark and I also gave them two more recent photos of my meter, one showing reading as it was then, which also shown everything else about this meter that my original didn’t, as well as one from Samsung slight distance, to show where my meter is. If it wasn’t for my own benefit, then I felt it was for Spark Energy so they details about this meter, with a question being asked by an advisor if there had been a meter exchange. I did not want the next person living in this flat, when one day I move and they have to go through unnecessary crap to prove their meter readings.

So since communicating with this manager, things have gone in the right direction and I am starting to relax.

My next communication with her, will be when I give her my next meter reading for my electric. But when it comes to me submitting them directly on my account in the future, that’s where I am not confident they will be used on my bills and the same errors crop up and I get estimated bills. If this does happen, I shall contact the manager directly and not the advisors.

As much as I want my preferred suppliers, I am holding off due to all that has gone off since living where I am. I am hoping while I stay with Spark Energy, I see a difference down the line and no repeated same errors.
I feel reassured by the manager, but it’s seeing how future bills go that I still need to be convinced about. Time will tell.

So it’s the weekend

I really struggled getting up this morning, after lack of sleep last night. I had to drag myself out of bed. As well as tired and drained with so much focus going onto Spark Energy and getting them to sort out my messy account for gas and electric, I was so fed up, I could have easily stayed in bed all day. I have not felt like that for a long time.

So after getting up and counting my change to see if I could stretch to a drink out, I made myself go out.
The plan today was to go to Mansfield Museum. It’s free to go in and it’s not something I have hardly gone in before. Now I am living in Mansfield, I will make a habit of visiting every month, or two.
So I looked at all their displays, except for the children’s part. There were art work showing old Mansfield times. I looked at displays showing history of local mining and factories. There were small models of how some places may have looked one time and a room full of  photos taken by people.

From setting out of the house and coming back home for a late lunch, I was out for a couple of hours. I never had a cuppa out, so money saved. It was a struggle walking out today, as I felt tired and muscles slightly hurting. But at least my anxiety was better than it’s been for rest of this week.

Once home, I stayed in and played a couple of word games on my phone. Now I am listening to music.

I limited my time to half an hour Twitter. I have been letting my feeling known about Spark Energy there, as well as tweeting Ombudsman about them. I looked into if I was able to contact Ombudsman by post, if it ends up I take it that far. I am placing a personal bet with myself that I will end up doing this, because their emails remain short, standard and copied and pasted text in parts to me. It doesn’t feel that they are actually writing to me and they are not fully answering my emails. They think job done and over. But the job is not even half done and it certainly is not over when my account does not reflect the short time I have been with them, containing readings, that I have not given.
I have only checked my emails once this afternoon and have no intention of looking for rest of the night. It’s my time.

Tomorrow, I am avoiding Twitter full stop and I won’t be checking my emails. Mind you, the checking emails will be hard, as my focus tomorrow is to apply to a cleaning job I seen today and the other being a random email to a business near me, seeing if they are needing any cleaners and, telling them about me and attaching a CV. After that, then yeah, not going in my email account.

What’s your weekend like?


So update regarding issues with Spark Energy

If you have been following comments in this post, I am so glad they are down and out you will know an additional email was sent later in the evening on the 10th January, to inform them that while they are looking into the electric, they also need to be looking into the gas account as well. This was because I noticed a reading on my gas account for November, yet I did not join them with my gas until December. This reading is higher than I make my own reading as well. So another mistake I have noticed with my account, which still gives me no vote of confidence at all and possibly further unnecessary stress with this company.

The morning of the 10th January, I had to scan my tenancy agreement. So my morning was wasted doing that and learning how to send it all in one go, in an email. (A zip file, that I have never done before.)

I am hoping with the quietness of it all that they are seriously sorting this.

I have said to them that I expect compensation for this unnecessary stress, because I have said to them, come down and see the meter yourself and it will be sorted that very second, but you have not arranged anything. I provide what you want, but so far not correcting anything. Now I provide my tenancy agreement, but I have no faith.

I heard from Ofgem. It’s the Ombudsman that I will need to contact, when it comes to complaining. Spark Energy have until next month, when their 8 weeks is up and if it’s not sorted by then, it’s a complaint to Ombudsman. If I hear before from Spark Energy, but not sorted and they don’t plan to, I can write before.

This, as you know has affected my health, as I said in this post, Mental health can so easily slip.

I pay my way. It’s how I was brought up, to pay bills first. I find it very upsetting that I am treated like this. Especially when I have provided the proof.

I have had enough the past couple of years and this is supposed to be a fresh start. But with this discovery and issues now with Spark Energy, they have put an unnecessary cloud over my home. (Not forgetting the crap with other supplier, that took my landlord to sort.)

I will keep you updated on this, as I know more myself.