Chit-chat: My day today

My day started off a bit slow, as I was finding it hard to get going. I had a bad headache yesterday and with extra work, on top of my own, I am feeling it.

This post is a bit of a random post, as I am just talking about today, as it is right now I type this. I thought it would make an interesting, random post for some. (Random for me.) So it’s 1.30pm as I look at my watch at this point.

This morning, after getting myself going, I put some washing away, then after breakfast, I aired the blog posts before this one and then I adjusted my computer trolley. The computer trolley I have it mostly so I stand at it, when using my computer. But that was when I had my laptop still, to use the odd occasion sitting down. So with the laptop gone and needing a comfortable choice when it comes to using my computer later, when I type up my coursework, then I needed to lower my trolley.


The study I have neglected, with the things that have gone on, but my plan was to get back into it. Before I knew it, morning has gone and time for lunch, so the typing up I may more likely do tomorrow. Especially with feeling tired and not quite with it.

For lunch I had pasta, spinach and mixed veg, with a drizzle of mint sauce and now relaxing while writing this and waiting for someone to fix my tap.

The weather outside, as I look up is bright. No sun and no dark clouds. It’s not cold and I am appreciating the fresh air coming through my windows that are open, while I am in. I have had hem open some I have been up.
While I am sitting, I am thinking I would like to call in a nearby cafe to work and, call in there for a cuppa and a cake, before I start my shift. This all depends on if my tap is fixed by a certain time.
A friend has read my mind, as he texted about a cuppa part, not the cake like me as well. So it all depends on the man who will come to fix my tap, whether I get to eat my cake, before work.

What has, or will your day be like today? What’s the weather like?

Chit-chat – October


I received my certificate for Health Care (Foundation) with BSY, near the end of September, which I received ‘High Merit’ for. As for my other home study; pet sitting course, I took a break from studying to feel refreshed after the effort I put in with the two courses at BSY, now finished as you know, except for still sticking my head in books to help with my theory test and learning to drive. By the way, if you have not already seen this post; Theory test; attempt 2, I passed and my driving lessons are in November.

My hand

I have nothing to report about my hand much, as I am having a problem trying to get an appointment at the moment with the doctor, to see about results. I still have pain, but it has eased a bit, but it can still catch me out. I still use my pain-killing gel and take paracetamol. I have limited to how I use my hand, like making sure I don’t put any exertion on it, which I think has helped too in reducing pain.

My tooth

My tooth that has been a long wait for to have extracted, is on the 17th October.
When I have been taking paracetamol, it has not only helped my hand, it has also helped to reduce the pain on this too. It is very tender to touch around the right hand side of my face, near my nose. The pain or discomfort seems to transfer to my cheek bone at times too. I will be glad when it comes out. I have felt nausea at times this past fortnight and I am wondering if it’s the abscess that is making me feel like this.


PIP assessment is this week and I am hoping this time they don’t cancel, because if I arrive there to find it has like last time, I will write a written complaint. Not that I will forget the last time at this weeks assessment, as I shall raise it there at the appropriate moment.

The job front

I will be glued to my email inbox to see if I hear from either of the cleaning jobs I applied for. One of them does not have a closing date, but the other does, which was last Friday. If I am lucky to hear from them, 48 hours before interview day, then the interview will fall this Friday.

To stay where I am at the moment

As you know from my last chit-chat, I had extra worry when I heard my rent was going up, while making my way to my PIP assessment. The extra worry on top of losing PIP, made me feel sick. After chatting with the person who manages the property on behalf of the landlord, I felt happier and a little reassured. So it has taken a little pressure off. As tempting as I want to move from the area now, I did not want to do it while I have my cat Miley. So as I continue to live here for how ever long I have Miley, I don’t want to move until I am ready to downsize, because the type of property I would want, I would not be allowed a cat. But if it turns out I did not get anywhere with this job and I heard from the other one which is local, then moving out of the area would be rather a stupid idea, as I could walk to it and so if this happened, then I would downsize to a property in my local area, if possible, when the time came. Wherever my next move would be in the future, I will be picky.

Finding the balance

The urge to move out of my area, I don’t think helped with how I was through other stresses I had, that I have blogged about in past posts, that affected my moods and how I was feeling. Although I still have the urge to live in another area, it is not as strong as it was. I think if I am in a better job, everything would follow on ok and everything else would balance out. I have seen this, while I am lucky for it to be calm at my workplace and making sure I have my time out moments like I did on my D.I.Y. retreat.

I also learnt after my retreat, that I need to make sure I don’t drink too many lattes when out and about, (unless it is the decaf kind) because know that having more caffeinated drinks than I usually would when out, does not help my anxiety.
Looking back after my D.I.Y. retreat, I am aware before leading up to that, that I was drinking a lot of lattes more than normal which became my comforter drink. When I felt tired, down and stressed, I would make my way out for that smooth latte from my favourite place. I can remember that every sip I drank, I enjoyed, but I also remember how I felt comforted, which replaced sweet food. Either not good, when you have too much. I am surprised I did no give myself a migraine, (or bad headache) and nausea with how many I had a week. So now, when I go out, latte I still have, but depending on how many I have already that day, or that week, it may not always be my first choice.

I have taken timeout this weekend. Not a set schedule like the D.I.Y. retreat, but still doing something.
Saturday morning, after feeding Miley and having my breakfast, I read a book, then I went out to a coffee and cake morning that a local shop was having to raise money for Macmillan. I met my mum there and while there, I browsed the handmade gifts in the store. I bought something for myself and the other was towards a Christmas present, to go with something else I bought earlier on in the year. Me and my mum then walked back to mine and chatted back at mine for a couple of hours over further decaf tea and decaf coffee.
When my mum decided she was going to leave, to make her way back home, I decided to make my way to Nottingham for a bit. This was to do some Christmas shopping while I had the money, while soaking up the atmosphere. I was just down there for a couple of hours, before coming back home to have my dinner, then I relaxed with book.
Sunday, after my breakfast and feeding Miley, I continued reading my book while the washer was on. Basically just having a lazy day and nothing else planned.

Chit-chat and Sharpie Sunday entwined

I thought this post would be a chit-chat and a Sunday Sharpie entwined. Enjoy the read. 🙂

My eyes

I had an appointment at my opticians for another eye test, after finding I could not quite read a full number plate at 20 meters, when I had my assessment with a new driving school I plan to have further lessons with.
Now those who will have followed this blog for some time, will know I had one back in March, in preparation before first starting my driving lessons, as I knew I needed reaction type glasses to help reduce glare and sunlight. This was so I hoped to avoid buying glasses twice in one year, by getting it sorted now, instead of when my test was due. But by the looks of it, I have not managed to avoid this, after discovering I could not quite read a car number plate at 20 meters.
It was only a slight difference I was having, hence this either being missed some how, or my eyes had changed again, slightly. I was finding Q looked like an O for example and what ever was the last three letters on back of a car I failed to read at my assessment. So I needed to check this out, as I did not want to fail my driving test before I even started.
When it came to my eye test, they found there was no change; I met the standard without glasses for driving and with the test with my glasses that was ok too and so I should be able to read a number plate at 20 meters. (I did mention though while looking at the letters with my glasses that although I knew it was an F, the F only looked like one stick sticking out and F was not clear.) After discussing how this 20 meter test was done, it was suggested  the instructor next time does it the proper way as it would be done at an actual driving test, in case any factors affected me reading the number plate how he did it, like glare for example. (Although I did not feel I had any glare.) If I was to find there were still problems, then to come back.


I could not resist and I did start my new course with Stonebridge. Like any course, the more you put in and the more you get out. This course will not be completed as quickly as my courses elsewhere, as I can see there is a lot of work going into this, before I start each of my assignments, to help me do my best and prepare for each assignment.
It’s early days, but I like what I see and I have a lot of enthusiasm brewing and coming out for this course. I am going to be studying on average 10 hours a week, over 5 days, but I am going to have to make sure I do not get too carried away at any point and take my breaks.

My other remaining course I have with BSY where I am near towards the end of, when I last talked about it in a post, I got wrong with how many posts there were left to do. I was thinking there were only 5 lessons in this one, but there were 6. Lesson 4 which I not long received, I received a ‘High Merit” for that one and same again for Lesson 5. By the time this goes to air, I will probably already be working on the final one.

New things

My above course is another new thing for this year of many, but the other new experience that has been challenging, is learning to drive. Finding the manual too stressful as you know and my confidence knocked at the end, I was still not one to give up on driving regardless how I felt. The change is just that it will be in an automatic car instead, as revealed earlier.
This post, “How to deal with starting new things,” over at “Minding Anxiety,” has been an inspiration, by finding the positives out of something new, which in this case, is learning to drive for this sharpie inspired drawing.

sharpie drawing showing my benefits of driving a car


I decided to continue with my LinkedIn profile and put it on air, since this post; “Chit chat: Has anyone found LinkedIn useful?” where I asked for your opinions on it. Thank you for your input in how you found it. I am obviously not going to be sharing my link here to LinkedIn, with my profile having nothing to do with my blog. See what happens down the line, as to whether I discover new opportunities and I will update it accordingly while continuing to work on the path I have currently chosen.

My pet sitting course in a bit more detail

My course assignment and preparing my necessary folders

As you know, my latest studying I will be doing over the coming months is, “Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Course,” with Stonebridge College. I thought I’d talk about my course a little bit more in its own post, although I’m sure I will share my study experience in some way as I progress through this course in the coming months.
This course has 13 assignments and a final examination at the end.

My course contents:

Assignment one: Safety, Health and Hygiene
Assignment two: Getting Started Running Your Pet Care Business
Assignment three: Pet Sitting Basics
Assignment four: Pre-Service Visit
Assignment five: Dog Walking
Assignment six: First Aid
Assignment eight: Dogs and Cats
Assignment nine: Birds
Assignment ten: Fish
Assignment eleven: Reptiles
Assignment twelve: Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats and Mice
Assignment thirteen: Rabbits and Guinea pigs

Final Examination

There will be certificates at the end; a diploma from Stonebridge College and a level 4 certificate from ABC. (I previously said Level 3 in a comment on a post, but now corrected as it is level 4 due to reading my notes wrong about this course and another I plan to do later.)

Like my courses I have done elsewhere, you receive the first two assignments and question paper for the first assignment. When you have posted off your first assignment, you read the second one. When your first assignment is marked and you receive feedback on it, they also include question paper for assignment two and assignment three booklet and this is how it continues through the course so you can continue working while the previous is being marked and awaiting for results of that one and next question paper.

For my course, it is recommended I build up my own scrapbook, hence another folder in my photo. This is so I can paste cuttings discovered from my readings and keep building it as my knowledge and interest grows, creating a new set of data.

I hope you have enjoyed knowing a bit more about my new course and thank you for showing interest.

More can be found here about this course, which will take you to Stonebridge College.

The path could change

I am enjoying the different learning experiences I have had this year, from mental health courses to driving. I look forward to taking my theory test soon, so I can inform my new instructor of a new driving school the outcome and then also what I choose to do as I learn in an automatic car. This plan still staying the same; I want to do ‘Pass Express’ with them, as I know being in a car more than once a week will be so much better.
I am also starting a new course to learn new things about running a pet-sitting business, but this path could change. Yes, I know I would still like to do this, but giving a date to when I start I cannot give yet as passing my driving test is coming first over any thing and I want to complete my pet sitting course too, because of any new things I may learn from it. I want to be prepared the best I can. But this path could change.
Why? you ask. A few things possibly.
It depends how long to me passing my driving test, then also how long this course could take me. I expect that it could take me till Christmas to finish this, which if that is the case, then my pet sitting business will be on hold till next year. But depending on the work I put into this course, I may find it could be next year before I finish. I certainly don’t want to rush this course and I want to enjoy it, regardless I want to do something different that gives me something to look forward to in my life. But also, when I do buy a car next year, which the plan is to start looking from next May hopefully, then when I have a car, it will open new doors I am hoping and I may look further afield to live and work, so hence my path could change.
The next question you will probably be thinking then is, will won’t you be wasting money on this course if you don’t pursue your dream?
Well no, because I will still enjoy the learning experience and this experience will always be there to start this dream elsewhere if I wanted. I feel I just have options to play with and so my eyes will be looking and I will be doing some thinking with whatever may catch my eye while I learn with this pet-sitting course. If there was a chance I could live somewhere new, with a job to afford to live there and see me do, then I would move there. The pet sitting idea could then be started there, if that was what I wanted to still pursue.

New learning, towards my business I intend to start at some point.

This course is a home study course, which you can do online, but I chose paper base option as I do like to sit away from the computer at times to do my study. The course I am doing is, “Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Course.”
I have not long received my first two assignments, question paper for the first assignment, introduction to the college and an information for students magazines that has lots of tips to help with study.

My course assignment and preparing my necessary folders

I have been busy this morning, preparing my two folders ready for this course, by putting in my dividers for both folders, as there are 13 assignments in this course. One folder is for my assignments and the other folder is a scrapbook folder after following a suggestion of creating one.
I have started off my mind map, which will expand as I progress through the course. I intend to start this course after my theory test is out the way, although I am itching to start it before and no doubt I will.


My cat, Miley, had her teeth cleaned as mentioned in a previous chat. I picked her up in the evening, just in case if she was like before when it came to anesthetic; taking longer to come round. Miley was sleepy looking when I picked her up and she was like before; sleeping, but regardless how she felt, when we were home, she was obviously excited about being home and she was also ready for her food.
Miley shown her impatience for waiting for her food, by plodding around the room, while the fish was cooking in the oven. This was to be a small amount little and often that night and then she could have her usual food from the next day.
A couple of days later, Miley went back for her follow-up check-up, to make sure everything was ok and it was.

Miley, my cat, on the settee

As for me, I have had to bring my dental appointment check-up forward after finding a lump on my gum-line where I had my apicoectomy. (Learn about apicoectomy procedure here, which will take you to an external website.)
Everything had been going well since the apicoectomy and when I had my last treatment  at the dentist where he redone a filling to seal the other end of the root canal. I was just having follow-up appointment to keep check which the x-ray shown that the new bone was growing, but there was still more growth needed before the void was filled. I was also warned that there was still a risk that the infection could come back.
I have been that worried in the past of it coming back, that I have been back a few occasions in the past to be reassured everything was ok and my next appointment originally was September for a further follow-up check-up. It was only last month since all the first issues ever started a few years ago where I just started to relax about it, until recently one night, I just happened to look at my gum line and see a lump with like a head, as though it may ooze one day. This is the only difference this time, where before when I was concerned, I had nothing visually.
If it turns out that I have got another infection/abscess, then I will just get them to remove it. I don’t want any further root canal treatment and I don’t want another apicoectomy surgery.
Although I know I won’t be happy about asking to have it removed because this tooth being near the front of my mouth where it is on show when I talk, or smile, I am fed up with this cloud/worry that has always loomed over it. I will let you know what happens after my appointment, once it is confirmed.

Had a surprise on my lesson two of my ‘Health Care Foundation Course;’ I received a ‘High Merit.’ I was already prepared for receiving my next paper for lesson three, so as soon as it arrived, I worked on it and posted it. I just have two more lessons to go of this home study course and then it is completed.
Soon, I will sign up to the NARPS course I want to do. This course is done online compared to my other courses elsewhere. I am hoping there is a way I can print the courses off for my reference, as I like to keep things like this to look back on for future reminding. If I can’t, then it will be the old-fashioned way of pen and paper.

I have a book wish list for books I want to buy for knowledge and reference, for when I start my self-employment at some point. Some of these I have already ordered, using some of my savings. I have bought appropriate notebooks and other stationary ready and there is a filing cabinet to come soon. There is other necessary stuff to buy, or set up before I officially name and announce my business, but this will be when I have finished the course at NARPS, in case I pick anything new up from that to help. (Which I should.)

You will remember I talked about D.I.Y. Retreat at Home back in July. I have started preparing my D.I.Y. retreat, by creating this box of goodies just for that.


I won’t use all the goodies in one go, but this a selection to pick from on my pampering sessions/D.I.Y days I have.
The box was a plain box that I have decorated accordingly, which relates to what this box is about, so there are relaxing pictures as well as quotes. There are even some quotes on the inside of the box lid.


Next thing to do, it to decide what I will eat and do, or not do, to get the benefits. Once I know, it is booking my weekend in my diary to do it, so I stick to it. Then prior for that weekend, making sure I buy my food that I want.