Chit-chat September

So after looking up further info on riding a moped and looking where the nearest test centre would be, should I find I wanted to take riding a moped further, I have now removed the idea off my experiences list, which was in this post: “More experiences.”
There is no way I am traveling that distance to a test centre.

I cannot believe that there is no test centre for motorcycles in the Sutton-in-Ashfield, or Mansfield area and instead I have to travel to Colwick in Nottingham! Why?

I know that wearing a helmet, I would need to remove my hearing aids for comfort and so to lipread the person I do not know, who would give instructions to me in lessons and then later a different person on my test, as listening through a radio would be a no option for me, would be very tiring and not 100% manageable for me. Not counting also the journey to the test centre. So yes, I have removed it off my experiences list. Mum will be relieved though.

Moving on from this… What else have I been doing?

Finally got round to getting back into my studies.

For those new to my blog, my course is, “Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Course.” When I have completed this course and passed, I will receive a Level 4 certificate, from ABC. You will find out more about my course, in this post.
I have not long received results on assignment 3 and now working on assignment 4, as this goes to air. All my assignments I have done so far, I have done well on.

I read this book, over a weekend; “Whispering Hope,” The True Story of the Magdalene Women,” by Nancy Costello, Kathleen Legg, Diane Croghan, Marie Slattery and Marina Gambold, with Steven O’ Riordan.


Now I have heard about the Magdalene Women, but what shocked me was how long the way these women were awfully treated, went on for. It was bad enough and totally wrong what they experienced to start with, but to discover this was going on until 1996, when the last place closed it’s doors in that year, is even more shocking.

19th February 2013 the Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny apologised to the women incarcerated in Ireland’s Magdalene laundries.

I also read, “The Cat Whisperer,” by Claire Bessant.


A book I bought second-hand from somewhere and I have had on my book shelf for some time. This book will stay on my shelf, for future reference.
It was nice reading this book, bringing back memories I remember my previous cat did, as well as cats I have owned prior to her, while learning new things from it.

And these books I have read too, from the library:

  • “Sisu, The Finnish Art of Courage,” by Joanna Nylund.
  • “New Selected Poems,” by Carol Ann Duffy. (I have been meaning to read more of her poems for sone time, so finally got round to it.)
  • “Guinea Pig,” by Peter Gurney. (I have now bought this book from Amazon, second-hand after finding this a good book.

Also reading, “Forest Therapy,” by Sarah Ivens, which I ordered some months back. (Pre-ordered from Wordery.) I am enjoying this book and I will talk about it more later, when I have written up a blog post.

My plants

My Spider Plant is half its glory, from receiving too much love. (The plant suffered from a bit too much watering.) In the end, I had to re-pot with fresh compost and it is now showing signs of improvements.


The spiderettes, from this plant are doing great.


And this is my Forget-me-not.


My Parlour Palm, (not pictured) is still looking good, as in last photo I shared, in an earlier post.

I have tried a different tea, this one being Asda Rhubarb and Custard. It smells lovely and tastes great.


I found I could drink​ this tea hot, or cold, but it felt comforting and soothing, hot.

Chit-chat tea: new teas I have been trying

Being a tea drinker who mostly adds no milk now, after that time I wasn’t well for a long period, I have tried some different teas as you know. The last time I talked about tea, was in this post, “Chit-chat: What’s your cuppa?” I knew it was about time to try some different tea and see what I like, or don’t like. I am no expert tea drinker, so you won’t find me talking in detail about them. I either like them, or I don’t and that is all I shall say.
There are loads of different tea varieties out there and everyone will find their own perfect cuppa, for different occasions.
I am also feeling further inspired to try different teas, from being a follower at “Tea and Tales,” so you may see further short posts from me, just sharing what I have tried a lately. If you want to discover the different variety of teas out there, with other stories, then “Tea and Tales” blog is for you.
The only tea I mainly won’t drink are Twinnings, as mostly I have not liked them, with exception of “Breakfast Tea.” I may one day try their “Earl Grey,” but fruity teas of theirs I won’t.

So here are different teas have I been trying recently:

  • Tetley Super Fruits Boost
  • Pukka ‘love’
  • Pukka ‘chamomile, vanilla & manuka honey
  • Pukka ‘relax’
  • Tesco Apple & Cinnamon

different tea varieties I have been trying

All these teas I liked and when I was trying them, you should have seen me. It looked like I was having a tea party with me trying these different teas and nibble on the table. You would have thought I was having a party, if you had randomly called at my house and seen it.

Knowing that I like these teas, I will buy them again. I also have other teas in mind to try, so watch this space for more tea drinking.

What teas have you been drinking a lately?



Chit-chat: What’s your cuppa?

As I mentioned in “Chit-chat February,” my tea has become more varied with leaving diary. Although I have introduced soya and almond milk back in for my cereals, my tea is still remains black. I am surprised I can do this, because one time years ago, I found it disgusting. But as I have mentioned before, because I try other variety of teas, this probably helped the transition.
I said I would talk about tea in a separate post. So here it is. But if you are expecting an expert chat on tea, then you won’t find it here. I either like tea, or I don’t. Simple! 😀

Tea I am drinking so far are:

  • Camomile (Asda, or Tesco’s own.)
  • Tetley Green tea
  • Tetley Decaf tea (But I have PG Tips decaf, depending on who is cheaper at the time of buying.)
  • Twinings Breakfast Tea
  • Tetley Earl Grey
  • Tetley Redbush tea
  • Pukka Night time
  • Blackcurrant tea (Different branded varieties, depending where I shop.)

Obviously, these don’t all fit in my tea caddy, unless I buy another one of these and expand it. (I may do that later. 😉 ) But these are the teas that I drink.

What teas do you drink?