Chit-chat: What’s your cuppa?

As I mentioned in “Chit-chat February,” my tea has become more varied with leaving diary. Although I have introduced soya and almond milk back in for my cereals, my tea is still remains black. I am surprised I can do this, because one time years ago, I found it disgusting. But as I have mentioned before, because I try other variety of teas, this probably helped the transition.
I said I would talk about tea in a separate post. So here it is. But if you are expecting an expert chat on tea, then you won’t find it here. I either like tea, or I don’t. Simple! 😀

Tea I am drinking so far are:

  • Camomile (Asda, or Tesco’s own.)
  • Tetley Green tea
  • Tetley Decaf tea (But I have PG Tips decaf, depending on who is cheaper at the time of buying.)
  • Twinings Breakfast Tea
  • Tetley Earl Grey
  • Tetley Redbush tea
  • Pukka Night time
  • Blackcurrant tea (Different branded varieties, depending where I shop.)

Obviously, these don’t all fit in my tea caddy, unless I buy another one of these and expand it. (I may do that later. 😉 ) But these are the teas that I drink.

What teas do you drink?


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