Book review: “Forest Therapy,” by Sarah Ivens.

Cover of book Forest Therapy by Sarah Ivens

I pre-ordered this book some months ago and I have been looking forward to reading this, after having a taste of it, in a magazine.
This book; “Forest Therapy,” by Sarah Ivens, gives you ideas to get back into nature, to help us feel calmer, happier and more energised.
As the author mentions in her introduction of this book, many of the ideas are common sense. We just need to be reminded.
The twelve chapters in this book are to encourage us and our loved ones, to get outdoors and reconnect with nature in a healing way.

Contents of book:
1 – Sold on Science and Statistics
2 – A Walk on the Woods
3 – Spring Cleaning
4 – Summer Lovin’
5 – Fall in Love
6 – Winter Wonderland
7 – Parenting in Plein Air
8 – Being at One with Nature
9 – Couples’ Countryside Cure
10 – Natural Beauty
11 – Food Glorious Food
12 – The Call of the Wild
Further reading
About the author

The book encourages you to use your senses, as you take a walk.
There are also other suggestions that would compliment, while you are out in nature. The choice is what you want to do.
No matter what the weather, just get out in nature and dress accordingly to the weather.
A walk in nature costs nothing, as this book says and something I have said myself in a blog post, or two.

You do not need to be fit, to use examples in this book. The book is to encourage you to get out, take it slow and for what you use out of this book, use it, to get out.
I like how there are even ‘mindful minutes’ in this book, where something is suggested and you do what is suggested for just a minute, like for example, choose a morning, or an evening that suits you best and appreciate the beginning, or ending of a day just for 60 seconds by looking at the sky. While doing this, make a note in your journal of how the sky looked and how you felt. Acknowledge those feelings and reflections, as it helps to gain power over them, linking them to something powerful as the sun and cycle of the day. It acts as a reminder to us that we all have a fresh start every 24 hours and that the world is bigger than us.

There is no excuse for any of us to not do something, that this book suggests. We all know nature does us good, when we walk in it, experiencing how we feel good afterwards and how relaxed we are.
It doesn’t have to be a daily thing. Once a month is better, than nothing. Have at least 10 minutes of silence in nature walking, with some sitting. But if you can do longer, you will feel even more benefits.
Stress will unwind from you and you will feel relaxed and energised.

Go on, take a walk today, whether a street lined with trees, the nearest park, or a walk in the woods. Even your own back garden is a start.
Observe, take it in using your senses and breathe deep.

I totally recommend this book. It’s a book you can refer back to, time and time again.

Words I like to live by

Words I like to live by are:

“Be yourself.”

Be yourself and you are genuine not only to others, but yourself too.
If you feel you need to fake it for other people’s benefits, then you are in the wrong crowd.
By being yourself, you are being true to you and others. You are not restricting yourself. The genuine people will love you in their life, no matter what.

By being yourself, you are being authentic.

Blog post share: Negativity is Your Best Friend

Do take a look at this helpful post, to knock negativity out of your way. 🙂

Budding Regardless

Whenever you have an idea in mind and try to make it come to life, negative people with their negative remarks will follow you around – it’s more like a package deal. Every time we see quotes on negativity, they are always telling us to stay away from negative people, squads and those who do not see us ever prospering. Instead of concentrating on all the bad things about negativity, choose to concentrate on the good things about it.

You can choose to use negativity as means of motivation – there will be people who won’t believe in what you are doing and they will see it pointless as a matter of fact but it is your duty to not take it to the head. However, if you do decide to take it to the head make sure you think about it in a positive manner.

These negative things…

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Getting that last bit out

I have come to the end of my favourite moisturising lotion, that is in a pump bottle. The situation where you pump, but nothing comes out, but you know by the weight of it, there is still plenty in there. How annoying it is, that the pump dispenser is not designed to touch the bottom.

Cutting the bottle is one option, but I didn’t want to do that, when I know that the cream will last me more than a day or two. Tipping it up for this make of lotion, which is Aveeno I am using, I found it just will not budge.
I did not want to add a spot of water to the lotion, but this was the tip I found, when Googling, to help it come out and if I did not want to cut the bottle, then this was what I was going to have to do.
The other tip I also found, was adding a tube to extend the original, so it reaches the bottom, which I thought was a very good tip, but as I did not want to spend anything, then I was using what I did below.

But what was I going to let it tip into, without it costing me anything? And how was I going to do it?

This was how I did it, without costing me any money.


I used one half of an empty Dairylea container that was in my recycling bag and I cut a circle out of it, in the middle, enough to fit the bottle in. I then put this on top of a food container I am no longer going to use for food, but good enough to store lotion in. This will be left overnight, allowing it to all slowly drain out.
The other bottle that is lying down in the photo, has some lotion left in too. It is a slightly thinner lotion, so it may come out eventually without adding water, but if I do find it needs some water, it won’t need as much as the other lotion did.