Virtual Coffee -February. The final coffee chat.

If were having coffee, I would be talking about my aunt’s funeral, which was last month.

I would also be talking about how the dentist went and that instead of the re-root canal, I have just had a fresh filling, but making sure that filling goes onto the root canal, as to seal it. So glad this is now done and hopefully everything will be fine. Happy to not have re-root canal as you know. It’s my x-ray on this tooth in March to come next.

If were having coffee, I would be talking about how I was nearly deciding to move, but decided to stay where I am and stay put and go with my original plan. This post, Best to wait it out? explains more, if you missed it. My emotions leading up to my aunt’s funeral probably did not help how I was, in addition to my bad cold I had.

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about my weekend holiday coming up next week. I shall be visiting the Cotswolds while my mum stays at mine, looking after Miley. I have not been there before, so I am looking forward to it.

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about how I am discovering new volunteering opportunities at one of the places where I currently volunteer. One that I will actually be doing as this goes to air is getting involved in the Involvement blog. I will start off small, so I can find my feet and when I feel comfortable, start approaching people in the trust for stories and also the volunteers, posting their stories on their behalf, if they require me to do so.

With me also attending an extra day at my latest volunteering role, it meant I had to swap my day around at my other volunteering role. I also cut down an hour less on it, as to make sure I avoid burn out, but also due to other things.

Away from volunteering, I may be participating in something else, or already doing it when this post goes to air. This will be in a separate post of its own, at some point.

If we were having coffee, I’d be mentioning a spot of D.I.Y. I had to do. A chair I use upstairs when at my desk, I noticed it was coming apart at a joint. It was nearly out when I noticed, which at that point I was just about to lean to one side, to do something with my printer. A bracket has been fitted to keep it in place now and so it should be fine.

If were having coffee, I’d be talking about how I worked out my money, to see if I could afford a car. Unless I have money to buy a car outright, I would not be able to afford a car. Running one, I would be ok, but if I was paying for a car over so many months, on top of expenses that go with a car, then no. So it is hard saving for that car, to buy outright.

What do you have to share?

This will be my final Virtual Coffee post, but don’t fear, future chats will be called, ‘Chit Chat’ and the posts will be tagged, ‘ChitChat.’ These posts will be on the same style of chat as Virtual Coffee has been, but minus coffee, etc.. and cake. Chit Chat posts may not be as often, but it depends if I have stuff to chat about, away from my usual posts I blog about. 

Virtual coffee – January

Hi and welcome to first Virtual Coffee of 2017. I hope Christmas has been good for you and that 2017 treats you well. So how have you been?

For me, the end of the year ended in sadness for me and my family as my aunt passed away. Although we knew the time was coming, it did not make it any easier and it hit us all hard. The funeral is next Saturday I have learnt.

Although Christmas and Boxing Day was not as I normally know it, me and Mum enjoyed our Christmas and Boxing Day together. I cooked our dinners and Mum supplied the sweet. We watched TV and at times just sat quietly, relaxing. Miley was interested in Christmas as she has done previous years, from observing her Christmas presents being opened and enjoying the new puzzle received later, as well as the wrapping and packaging it came in.

January has been the usual, work, catching up with friends and relaxing when I can, which I really need due to a bad cold I have had since the New Year. I just have the cough to get rid of now, which the medicine I’m taking since start of the week seems to be helping clear my chest. I have though, pulled a muscle or rib with the coughing, so I have been in some discomfort with that and this is why I have been wanting to relax.

I have catched up with friends at one volunteer place, but the other where I was due to go back to on Monday, I have chosen to just meet up with Mum for a bit and then relax at home doing nothing for the rest of the day. Now and again, tiredness creeps in. So catching up at the other volunteer place will be left for another week.

Not much to chat about in this virtual coffee. Hopefully you will have something more to say.

Virtual Coffee – November


So welcome to my Virtual Coffee at my home, as mentioned on our last Virtual Coffee chat. How have you been since our last chat? While you tell me how you have been, come with me in my kitchen and tell me what you drink you would like. 😊 I have tea and coffee, which are both decaf. I also have blackcurrant tea, green tea, or green tea plus. If you have sugar, or sweetener in your hot drink, I have both, so let me know.


If a cold drink is more your thing, then I have dilute orange in my fridge.

You will see in my kitchen my weekly menu board, (whiteboard) for what I plan for my week.


This doesn’t include sweets I may have, or mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. (And sometimes the fruit I may have with my breakfast, for example.)
Doing this schedule means I stick to my main meals and have something healthy. This is particularly important, should I be in a mood where I can’t be bothered. I seem to stick with my menu if I write it on this board and it stops me just nit-picking. (Although I have had a few set backs when it comes to sweet things, as you know.)

Help yourself to the cake and biscuits on offer. 🙂


I have saved one of my sweet allowances today, so I shall be having a piece of cake with you and come and take a seat in the living room. If you want, you can put your feet up.

So what else have you been up to, since our last coffee chat? 

Since our last coffee chat, I have continued with my studies and I have been focusing on my garden. (I will share about my garden next year, in a separate post.) Things have been a bit slow, because of the weather, but hopefully I will have something to share with on this, next year.

I recently went with my Mum to Edwinstowe, where we had lunch at The Village Kitchen. We have been here once before for just a drink, but because we were having lunch elsewhere at the time we always said we would come back next time to here and try it out. It is always a lovely welcome here and the food is lovely.
From there, we then had a little walk around, where mum wanted to call into a craft shop that she has been in before, then we caught a bus back home. Once back home, I assembled by outside storage and placed what I wanted to go inside, before locking it up. It was lovely to get rid of the cardboard box it came in, with the trellis planters still in their boxes. Having them all in my front room is getting irritating. I was tired afterwards, because the outside storage was a pain in parts.
I thought a well deserved takeaway for me and my mum was well deserved later and when it was time for my mum to go home, she said she really enjoyed today and I could tell she did as well. So she really needed it.

I would have set about putting my trellis planters up, but I am leaving this for my handyman, because it does not look that straight forward to set up as it should be. I hope these will be up soon, so I can have some privacy between me and next door.

At some point in our coffee chat, you would come across my cat, Miley.

Miley 4.jpg

I’m sure she say hello at some point. You would probably find she joins me on my lap for one of her many cuddles and depending how fussy she does get, while I chat with you, you will probably see her rub her face into mine.


Miley is a right fuss pot when she is like this.

If Miley is feeling brave, you may find she wants to come on your lap too, if you are fine with this. If not, just gently put your hand up to her while you say no and she will get the message.


This will be my last Virtual Coffee post for 2015. I will be back again with Virtual Coffee posts, starting sometime in the New Year.

Virtual Coffee – late October

If were having coffee, I’d be talking about how I have been having lots of coffee meet ups of some kind, with my friends.

If we were having coffee, I’d be saying since our last chat, it wasn’t long after when I did decide to put my warmer duvet on. It feels much better at night.

If we were having coffee, with the weather now cooler, I’m sure I’d be having something hot and depending where we were, it would vary from either a chicken roast dinner, or a jacket potato. What would you be having to eat?
On talking about the weather being cooler and food, what is your comfort food when the weather is cold? For me, it can be a jacket potato with cheese and beans, or a proper hot dinner. Sometimes soup can be comforting too. I like tomato soup, dipping cheese toasties into the soup as another winter comforter. Does anyone else do this? 🙂
For a sweet, there is nothing like an apple pie with custard. Yum. 🙂

If we were having coffee, since our last chat, I’d be saying that my artificial hedge order was causing me problems, due to the courier that the company unfortunately uses. The boss of the company took the matter seriously and put in a complaint to their local rep, which then was escalated further. This resulted in someone from the courier service getting in touch with me to apologise for the inconvenience it caused me and my mum, when they failed to deliver on the day expected. The person who contacted me, said to me that she would ensure that my chosen day would run smoothly this time and that the order be delivered by their courier within a particular morning time slot.
The boss from the company where I ordered the artificial hedge panels offered me free delivery next time, should I wish to order more and if I did, to email so that he could monitor and make sure the courier did not fail again. So  I am happy with how the company dealt with this.
When it came to receiving my order, the courier did bring the order before 10am, but my boxes on inspection looked battered.

Now pay attention, I said boxes.

I was only expecting one package and one of them definitely was not mine, even though it had my name on it. After taking several photos of the boxes from all angles, including the one that was not mine to show there was a label on addressed to me, then partly removing the label to show the one underneath with another address, I found both ok inside. My order I was expecting was not damaged thankfully and neither the extra one that was full of toilet rolls.

I let the company know what I had happened, showing them photos of battered boxes and that their package they sent me although battered, everything was ok inside. I then informed them about the other packaging, adding that I knew this other box had not come from them and that I blame the courier. Next time, should I order, they will use a different courier for me. This was because I told them I would not place a future order with them if they continue to use the one that they use.

I then emailed the lady who contacted me from the courier originally, saying how I was not happy and why and enclosing same photos. The box of toilet rolls were collected by the courier in the end. (The crappy courier, I will not be naming here.) The lady involved looked into how this happened and I received an email on this, which I wasn’t expecting. It was blamed on human error, which I do not believe for one minute and apologized. I did not bother replying to this as far as I am concerned, it is now done and end of.

There is obviously more I have been doing with regards to getting things for my garden, but I will talk about that more in its own separate post later sometime.

If we were having coffee, I’d be telling you how I received a Merit for Lesson one, in Health Care: Challenging Managing Behaviour.

Maybe our next coffee chat could be at my place and I can introduce you to my cat, Miley. I know some of you will know Miley, but she has never been introduced properly here. (Some of you will be thinking, why did I take so long.)  So see you then, in November time. Take care and bye for now.

Virtual Coffee – October

If we were having coffee and cake, we would probably be talking about the weather and how it is getting cooler. I still have my thinnest duvet on, but I am starting to debate whether the other should go on now, as I am starting to wear bed socks and fleecy pj’s in bed and still sometimes feel the odd chill. The weather is getting a little confusing where we have had chilly weather one minute, but then the next, hot. So you just don’t know how to prepare do you? 🙂

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about my garden, how I am making plans to make it more private for me. First thing was to sort out replacing of some of my boundary, then treating all of my fence, before buying things that will go along side my fence to give me some privacy. I plan to buy first a small storage unit and a planter trellis. Fake hedging will go on my trellis to give instant, all-round privacy, with lavender in the planter. (I will share more of my yard maybe later in a separate post of what I have been up to.) I already have folding chairs and table set. This saved me some money after a kind friend let me have them and another friend is going to give me some cushions for them that she no longer wants.

If we were having coffee, I would be telling you how I have sent off lesson 1 of my “Health Care: Challenging Managing Behaviour.” I am feeling confident that I will receive a good mark for this, as I have done still for my other course.

If we were having coffee, while having this chat I would choose to eat something much healthier today with my coffee. I would choose to have a jacket potato with cheese and baked beans, served with side salad. I slipped up last week my healthy eating by exceeding my sweet things I allow myself.
It did not help that I went to a coffee morning that was raising money for a charity. I was really bad, having lots of cake, or other sweet things. I have found that because of this, I have had some cravings for sweet things that I would not usually have, since I started my  healthy eating. If it continues, I may go on the 10-day sugar-free diet again, that I did before, out of curiosity, from the Elsa Jones book I have and that you know about. I have also noticed how I have felt a little more tired than normal too. (With exception of some tiredness due to lack of sleep at times.)

If we were having coffee, I would be asking when you would like to meet up for our next virtual coffee chat. Would you like another one near end of this month, or shall we leave it till next month?

I would also ask how you are and what has been going on in your life, that you would like to share?

Till our next virtual coffee chat, take care. 🙂

Virtual coffee – late September

If were having coffee, we would be meeting up where ever you chosen this time. So where would we be?

As you know from our last virtual coffee chat, I had a dilemma at the dentist. Well, I seen that letter the Surgeon had written to my dental practice and HE HAD written that a re-root canal would be needed to be done on that tooth! (This, as I mentioned before, was never pointed out to me.) So it was surgeon from hospital and not my dental practice that I am to be upset with.
My Practice Manager discussed why I would need this doing, which I now understand. But like it was mentioned by dentist last week, when this all first came out, it is a specialist job she said. So I said to her, as I said to dentist last week, that the surgeon, had I chosen re-root canal instead of what I did choose, he was going to send me back. So this was also why I chosen surgery over RC, because I wasn’t going to be passed back, as I was also aware that this would need a specialist to do this treatment.

I discussed when I would have to have RC done. Like, was there a time limit, like when bone comes back round tooth, or before? I learnt I could have it done when I felt ready. So I talked about how I was now and how I was when I had the surgery and what I was feeling at this point, to come to the conclusion that I would have RC as soon as I can and get it over with.
So Practice Manager will be dealing with this herself, so she can tell them why she is phoning, (because she had to explain to me what the surgeon did not explain clearly to me and how I was very upset to learn this later and not before, where I could have prepared myself for it.) And to ensure that when they do refer me to them for RC, that the surgeon isn’t just going to send me back.
When she heard from them, she emailed me back to confirm they would do re-root canal treatment and so I have been referred. So I now wait from them.

As much as I was adamant I would not have another RC done. Now it has been explained to me why I need it, it would be stupid of me to not to have it done, as it would have been a waste to go through what I have been through so far.

If we were having coffee, I’d be telling you how I went back to Ollerton Watermill, with my Mum. This was so I could show my Mum the place and we had our lunch while we were there. Mum had not been here before and enjoyed herself. We then went to Edwinstowe to meet up with my friend at a cafe we have all been to before. We all had a sweet of some kind with a drink.

If we were having coffee, I would be telling you how I have been organising my home a little.
One was creating a “Home File” system, (which some of you might know it being called as a “Home management system.”) The other was sorting out my under stairs cupboard.
My under stairs cupboard now has a 4-tier shelving unit and now my belongings are on there, instead of being on the floor. I can see clearly what is in there now and I have also managed to get my hoover in there, which is an added bonus.

I also looked into possibly having a new fence up, but after receiving quote, this was a no no, for many reasons. But I am looking at alternatives to make my garden private, which are trellis planters and some other things, so until outside is sorted, my sanctuary continues to be inside my home, or other gardens or parks I visit.
I know I need to focus on my garden right now, so it’s a distraction for me, with how I am since my tooth surgery and with what I have to face next. It has been physically and mentally draining.

If we were having coffee, I’d be talking about how I caught up with her family member and her husband. I met them down Mansfield for a couple of hours before going home. I had lunch with them, while we all caught up. It was lovely.

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about how one of my courses I talked about in our last coffee chat, that I thought looked daunting, turned out not to be daunting at all.

I also heard from WTC and everything is fine, so changes are needed to be made with this benefit. I will see how I go into next year, but if I find it stressful as I did this time, I am still two minds to continue with this. Hearing so much bad press about it, I still wonder is it worth it. All being well, my circumstances change before then and I won’t need to continue with it.

My weekend is going to be busy in some way coming up and I have a bit of a full week after.  So my weeks have and are going to go quick.

Virtual coffee – September

If we were having coffee, todays chat would be where I was feeling a bit down and angry, because of my recent follow-up at the dentist. 😦 I would be choosing to have a latte and cake with you, while having our chat.

Since our late August Virtual Coffee Chat, I would be mentioning how my follow-up appointment at my dentist did not quite go smoothly.
The short part of this story is that my stitches were not quite dissolved, but otherwise everything ok so far.
The long part of this story, is that what my dentist had claimed my surgeon had written, was not said to me by the surgeon at consultation, prior to surgery, or after surgery. He said that my surgeon mentioned when writing to them, that I would be having root canal. He brought up the letter to show proof surgeon had said this, when I said I was given choices and at no point when I chosen surgery had root canal been mentioned that I had to have still, only if this operation failed was this mentioned, as well as also being able to have this surgery again, otherwise I would not have put myself through this surgery.
I could not read the letter he was showing me on the computer, because it was that kind of writing that wasn’t clear. I left the dental practice upset and nearly in tears. Same day, I emailed the dental practice to raise my issues and asking for notes my dentist had written, along with copy of letter surgeon had written, as I wanted to pursue this. They gave me a choice where I could see another dentist, or the Practice Manager, where I could see my notes for free, or otherwise a fee for my requested printed copies. I have chosen to see the Practice Manager and I go and see her Monday. So before I point fingers and put in a complaint, I want to see the written facts before me. If I find the surgeon has written this, I will be very shocked as I had put my trust with him. I will put in a formal complaint towards my surgeon if what he has written is true. Time will tell on Monday. 😦 I am no way going through with anything else, then what I was verbally told originally!

If we were having coffee and cake, I would be telling you how I am still receiving High Merit for my Mental Health coursework’s. I am over half way now and I have now signed up for two other courses, with the same place and they all work the same way as before, in the comfort of my own home. (By the way, I never heard anything more about maths next level and I don’t plan to with other courses I am now doing, along with me learning the guitar.)

I would also be talking about how my blog is coming along well and receiving lots of followers. I also seem to find there are a few new followers each day. I also received a lovely blog award, which was a nice surprise.

If we were having coffee, I would be asking you if you have been anyway nice, whether it is just for the day, or longer. I plan to see Ollerton Watermill and pop into the teashop while there.

If we were having coffee, I would be telling you how I am still at Rosewood and feel very welcome there still and part of a team. Nothing more has happened than the usual since our last chat, but now Rosewood have received my checks and references, this means at some point in time I will receive my volunteer ID badge and email for my role. I still have some training to complete for my role and at some point then I will be shadowing for my role and maybe possibly shadowing for another role to see if I may be interested in that too.

I would hope that after my virtual coffee chat, I’d be feeling a little better in your company, than I did at the start.

Is there anything else you like to chat about, while we are on our second drinks? Do share if you would like to.

Maybe we could meet up again in a few weeks, before this month is out? Hopefully I will have an update regarding the dentist and something else new to chat about.

Bye for now and until our next virtual coffee chat, take care. 🙂